What a big machine!A landmark billboard in Nanchang has been removed

2022-04-24 0 By

Original manuscript source | urban scene do not reprint without permission Sources such as delete will investigate on February 17th, with the last piece of cutting body smooth landing, jiangxi nanchang existing sky sign the largest is the valley of red tower three ends smoothly the demolition of billboards, total demolition of an area of 4100 square meters, dismantled more than 99 meters high,The construction period is more than 30 days.This is the first large-scale billboard demolition organized by Nanchang city in 2022.It is understood that honggu Building, as the largest single building area in Jiangxi Province, has more than 30 municipal organs and many service industries stationed, is a landmark building in Nanchang.The three-sided large billboard installed on the top of the building is perfectly combined with the “one River on both sides” light show, which has been a beautiful scenery line in the hearts of citizens.However, due to falling into disrepair, the landmark billboard was dismantled on January 18, 2022, and has since gone forever.In November 2021, the fourth brigade directly under nanchang Urban Management Team found in their daily inspection that there were many rusts on the three sides of the billboard on the roof of Honggu Building, which was a great potential safety hazard.Safety issues are urgent, especially in the red Valley building where office staff and visitors gather.When the problem was discovered, the brigade immediately launched an investigation.After finding out, this billboard is nanchang city construction investment group to set up management.In the inspection of the relevant approval procedures, the brigade will inform the owners of the billboard safety situation, and to its ordered to correct the illegal behavior notice, requiring immediate rectification.