Sunzhuo buyers second sister won the new title, the first voice statement, he did not do anything to hurt people

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After Sun Zhuo returned to Shenzhen, the buyer still refused to let sun Zhuo go, trying to use morality to blackmail him.Fortunately, Sun Zhuo is very independent, and did not suffer any influence.This thought sun Haiyang a will not ignore them, those buyers will certainly hide away, but do not want their attitude more and more bad.In particular, the “second sister”, who had always been an active buyer, seemed to be in shock when her engagement was called off.During the Spring Festival, Sun Zhuo’s “second sister” posted a message wishing her netizens a happy New Year.Wearing a black cap, she jumps up and down on the screen with a variety of expressions on her face.See this video, many people think Sun Yue is really more beautiful.”Second sister” also has pretty features, but her temperament makes you think she is a “social girl”.No matter dress or make up, give a person a kind of “spirit little sister” feeling.Many netizens hate Sun Zhuo’s “second sister” for daring to stand up and become an Internet celebrity even though she is obviously a bad person.His engagements have all been cancelled, and if it continues like this, it will be hard for him to find another “match taker”.In addition to saying that she should never appear on Sun Zhuo again, netizens also gave her a nickname of “Guai Sister”, while the “adoptive mother” was “Guai Xia”.Sun Zhuo is called “second sister” because of herself, and if she hadn’t spread sun Zhuo’s story, it wouldn’t have happened online.”Guai jie” posted her opinion for the first time after seeing the comments from netizens. She said many times that there was no vest, no comment, and no slur on others.Also let the netizens put themselves in the position of the think, if it is their own, will not be in the comments of others, to make what adverse things to both sides?Nothing dry is nothing dry.”Guai Jie” does not admit what she did to the two families, in fact, whether she did wrong or not, her biological parents destroyed other people’s family, she must be responsible for her behavior, she can not say that she is innocent.In addition, “Guai Jie” also posted sun Zhuo’s video on the forum, neither commenting nor denigrating others. She committed two bad things in the comment section, that is, committing a crime.