The Hong Kong Jockey Club held the Lunar New Year Horse racing Day to celebrate the Year of the Tiger

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People’s Daily Online, Hong Kong, February 3 (reporter Chen Ran) The Hong Kong Jockey Club held the “Lunar New Year horse racing day” on the third day of the lunar New Year at sha Tin racecourse in Hong Kong to welcome the arrival of Yin Tiger year.This year’s event was held behind closed doors for the first time due to COVID-19.Thanks to strict anti-epidemic measures, a number of exciting events were staged in turn, with the public participating and enjoying the events through TELEVISION, mobile phones and online platforms.A total of 11 races were held on the day, with a record amount of betting.The Lunar New Year Racing Day is the flagship event for the Hong Kong community to celebrate the Lunar New Year. It is often the horse racing day with the largest attendance of the year.In response to the epidemic, the Jockey Club has won the government’s approval to hold a closed-door race for the first time, bringing exciting racing to more than one million horse fans.Before the first race of the day, the chairman of the jockey Club, Mr Chan Nam Lok, the chief executive officer of the jockey Club, Mr Ying Ka Pak, a group of trainers and jockeys sent their best wishes to the public through TV and live channels.Mr Chan said he hoped Hong Kong’s fortunes would turn around in the New Year.The Jockey Club is committed to working with the people of Hong Kong to make progress and build a better society.’In Chinese mythology and culture, the tiger symbolizes courage, wisdom and strength,’ Mr. Ying said. ‘These are also the spiritual characteristics of Hong Kong people,’ he said.In the New Year, the Jockey Club will continue to work with the public to create prosperity.Eleven races followed, the fourth of which was the “New Year cup”, which was created by the jockey Club to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the 1998-1999 racing season.The race attracted 11 foals, and Super Good Day, trained by trainer Lu Jianwei, won by the neck in the last few paces, winning the first prize in the year of the Yin Tiger.It is understood that only club officers, club staff, licensed persons and those who are required to work on site for the event are allowed to enter the racecourse on race day;Owners, members, media and the public are not allowed to enter the venue.