The Party Committee of the Fourth Hospital of Changde carried out Spring Festival condolence activities

2022-05-01 0 By

On Jan. 25, in the coming Spring Festival in 2022, chang DE city party committee to carry out activities before the Spring Festival visits condolences the fourth people’s hospital, the hospital party secretary, President chan cheung led the team members, accounting computerization, and union workers on the original team members, model workers, party members, difficulties and workers, the war war soldiers back condolences on behalf of the visits,Condolence money and New Year wishes were sent to them.Condolences to the original team members condolences to model workers all the way visit, all the way greetings, all the way blessing.At each place, the group talked with the visitors, asked them about their life and physical condition, reminded them to keep warm and wished them good health and family happiness.In the poor party members and poor workers home, the leadership and they talked about development, told them to take care of their health, and listened to their opinions and suggestions on the work, heartfelt thanks for their contributions to the development of the hospital, as always for the development of the hospital to make contributions within their power.Condolences to party members condolences difficulties workers condolences residual war soldiers to visit back, the old leader, model workers, difficulty of party members, military representative back thanked the hospital leaders to visit and care, we sincerely happy for hospital development achievements, they said it would continue to care for and support the development of the hospital construction, actively make recommendations, contribute,And wish the hospital in the New Year all undertakings to a new level.Through visits and condolence activities, the party Committee of the hospital narrowed the distance between the party members and the difficult staff, and created a strong festive atmosphere. The leaders’ greetings, cordial greetings and affectionate blessings made the difficult staff feel the warmth and care of the Party.Source: Changde Fourth People’s Hospital