0-1!In the 26th minute, China women’s soccer team was scored by Japan

2022-05-06 0 By

South Korea won the women’s Asian Cup semifinals in the first game of the tournament on Wednesday night, Beijing time, and advanced to the final to secure a World Cup berth.The second game is the Chinese women’s football team versus the Japanese women’s football team. The Japanese women’s football team is the dominant team in the Asian football world for more than ten years. The Japanese women’s football team once won the World Cup and won the Asian Cup for many times.But this game, due to the strength of the two sides of the gap, the beginning of the Japanese women’s football is basically in the overall advantage, The Chinese women’s football most of the time in the layout of defense, the Japanese team offensive fierce.But The Chinese women’s football team did not give up, and even established a counter-attack from the defense, once got a number of attacking opportunities, but failed to get a goal.China had defensive problems in the 26th minute when Riko Uechi headed home a loose ball from a Japanese cross.From the replay, this round, The Chinese women’s football team for the ball defense, from the set side, to the front point marking problems.It is worth mentioning that The coach of Chinese women’s football Team, Shui Qingxia, did not have Wang Shuang in the starting lineup, which to some extent affected the strength of the women’s football team, and Wang Shuang will enter the substitute because of injury.Of course, The Chinese women’s football team is behind the Japanese team, after 26 minutes was scored is an understandable situation, this game is the Chinese women’s football team to challenge the Japanese team, after all, the overall strength of the Japanese women’s football team is far stronger than the Chinese team, not only the Asian football world hegemony, but also the world championship level of the world strength.In contrast, The Chinese women’s football team is now in the reconstruction stage, inferior to the Japanese team in many aspects, and still has a gap with the world no. 2 in its peak.Finally kicked the full half, The Chinese women’s soccer team is 0-1 down.The backward situation did not cause discomfort to the fans. Some fans watching the match even praised the Chinese women’s football players, saying that they had a better fighting attitude, at least better than the Chinese men’s football team. Most of the voices were encouraging the Chinese women’s football players:”Well, the current strength and ranking of The Japanese women’s football team is indeed better than that of the Chinese women’s football team, so if we win it is gratis, and if we lose, I hope people will not mind too much, or even blame the girls.They’re already working hard.””Don’t panic!At least 20 minutes to throw a ball, don’t like football more than twenty minutes to throw two balls “”, at least, still can see the hope, not despair” Chinese women’s soccer team had won eight women’s Asian cup champion, including 7 completed once even the champions league, but in the late 1990 s, at present the Chinese women’s team ranked 19th in the world, is in the trough.(Lin Xiaoshi)