With a value of over 300,000 yuan, Mocha DHT-PHEV will challenge BBA in 2022

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Life is like a boat. We stay at home in the harbor during the Spring Festival. After the festival, we bid farewell to our families and set sail for a long journey.The anxiety accumulated during the whole year of 2021 has been wiped away by the company of family members, but the problem of range anxiety for new energy owners is also facing the return trip.At the beginning of 2022, Wei Pai brought a new category “0 anxiety intelligent electric” to the new energy market, and also opened a new mode of “0 anxiety” travel in 2022 with Mocha DHT-PHEV.Endurance anxiety?In front of DHT-PHEV mocha does not exist generally speaking, endurance is the core anxiety of new energy models, in this pain point, there are three soul torture for new energy models: how far can you run?Are the numbers published by the automakers accurate?Can make up be reliable?We’ll talk about the Mocha DHT-PHEV one by one.The first is whether the data released by the auto factory is accurate or not?Will it show a sudden “fracture” at 400km, which makes people panic and dare not continue driving?This involves the test conditions published by the manufacturer. Now the mainstream test range conditions are divided into NEDC and WLTC.NEDC operating condition is the optimal data of the vehicle, which can be understood as the ultimate range of the vehicle without interference of any factors.However, THE WLTC condition test is more stringent and closer to the real use scenarios of vehicles, so in terms of convincing force, WLTC condition is much more reliable than NEDC.Of course, the Mocha DHT-PHEV uses WLTC to test range.With the support of intelligent DHT technology, Mocha DHT-PHEV has a pure electric endurance of more than 200 km and a comprehensive endurance of more than 1000 km (WLTC condition), which has refreshed the endurance ceiling of new energy models, and few models can match him.For example, BMW iX3 such as oil to electric models, the pure electric range of its NEDC is only 490 kilometers, which is far inferior to Mocha DHT-PHEV.In addition, the mainstream PHEV models on the market today have a pure electric range of 50km-120km.In big cities, that is, daily commuting, and mocha DHT-PHEV’s 200 kilometers + pure electric range can support a week of car demand, it can be said that 95% of urban use scenes can be driven by pure electric form.The smart DHT technology, unlike byd’s DMi and Honda’s iMMD’s single-gear drive, can move the engine into first and second gear at different speeds.The two-gear drive perfectly handles all speed ranges and keeps the engine in the optimal economic zone, bringing the combined range up to a staggering 1,000km or more.Energy anxiety?These four words will not appear in the mocha DHT-PHEV dictionary behind the long endurance of a large battery, and the energy problem is also the pain point of each new energy model.It uses 39.67 KWH ultra-high energy battery pack, with 60kW DC fast charging, to solve the user’s energy anxiety.It can charge 10-80% in 35 minutes, a few minutes faster than BBA’s new energy model.In this way, the choice of Mocha DHT-PHEV is more leisurely. If you have the conditions of slow charging, you can choose the charging pile in the parking space. There is no need to worry about the charging pile, just find a public charging pile.In addition, the battery pack adopts intelligent water-cooled temperature control system, which can control the working temperature difference at about 5°C, and can timely capture the subtle changes of the battery, and accurately feedback the battery power and range to the driver.In addition to the water cooling system, it also uses an intelligent thermal management system to keep the battery warm and ensure its working condition in extreme environments.Wei brand has given Mocha DHT-PHEV more than these. In the recent Autohome Smart Car of the Year award, Wei Brand Mocha won the title of the most intelligent model in 2021 with the help of coffee intelligent sweeping new power of car making. The small edition here is responsible to say that this title also applies to Mocha DHT-PHEV, because they also use coffee intelligent technology.And the mocha DHT-PHEV is much more intelligent.At the end: With the above mentioned, it’s easy to see why the Mocha DHT-PHEV has a new slogan of “Zero anxiety Smart Electric” in pre-orders.The truth is very simple: I can play more than other new energy models, others pure electric run 100 kilometers, I will run more than 200 kilometers;My drive technology is more advanced, and the energy consumption management ability of intelligent DHT system is the best at the same level.My test criteria are more stringent, and I am confident that THE WLTC conditions will reflect the range closer to the actual situation.Because we have technology, we have confidence.The best new energy model of 2022 is mocha DHT-PHEV.