“Xicheng Temperature” ignited the winter Olympics to create a civilized city postcards

2022-05-06 0 By

To carry forward the spirit of the games, the normalized power civilization city created, guide the broad masses of cadres, xicheng district, social workers, volunteers, and all the party members to participate in this event, the practice of civilization, spreading civilization, with “culture” cheer for the games, active deployment, xicheng district, a special advance will, safeguard regional security and stability during the games.At the same time, in the Winter Olympics, also saw the figure of xicheng people, with their actions and the best mental outlook, draw a civilization of xicheng “golden card”.34 young actors from The Jinfan Dance Troupe from Wulutong Primary School, Xicheng District, Beijing, dressed in beautiful costumes, with zero mistakes, high level of play, showing the vitality of Chinese primary school students;Ten torchbearers from Xicheng district took part in the Beijing Olympic torch relay.Tao Ran Ting street express little brother Liu Kuo also represented the identity of the postal express industry to participate in the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.In front of the stage there are xicheng people figure, behind the scenes there are also peace volunteers xicheng aunt guard.Wearing a red vest, red armband and red hat, the volunteers went from street to street to ensure safety, and also provided guidance and advice to tourists. They passed on the best spiritual outlook to people and lit up the civilized outlook of volunteers in Xicheng with the spirit of the Winter Olympics.(Lead editor: Wang Jian ‘en)