British Foreign Secretary: China and Russia are ‘global aggressors’!

2022-05-11 0 By

Nowadays, as a world power, the United States is constantly using power intervention to threaten the so-called “threat” countries to itself.As a loyal ally of the United States, Britain willingly followed the footsteps of the United States in exercising its hegemony.As sino-US relations continue to deteriorate, the UK has also begun to challenge China’s bottom line, using all its strength in the so-called “human rights issues” and “sanctions against Chinese enterprises” to suppress China’s reputation and influence in the international community.According to foreign media reports, the British side once again made inappropriate remarks against China, and then China quickly issued a warning.The British foreign Secretary said in a speech in Australia that China and Russia are “global aggressors” and that it was time for the West to join Australia in a joint attack.In fact, this is not the first time that the UK has publicly insulted China in an international forum.Western countries were alarmed by what they saw as China’s “economic intimidation” of Australia after Britain made inappropriate remarks about its relations with China while attending a conference in Australia.In the eyes of the Western world, China’s rapid economic rise has become a “threat” to the entire Western world. China’s economy has grown from less than a tenth of the size of the US to the world’s second largest economy, which means That China has the ability to “intimidate” other countries economically.In fact, China and Russia, as world powers, have been treated unfairly by western countries.Especially since US President Donald Trump took office, the pace of western countries to contain China and Russia has gradually accelerated.The statement of the British side also confirms the vile practice of the United States and other Western countries using ideology to slander and smear sovereign states.Since Brexit, this old capitalist power has gradually lost its direction and can only choose to expand its influence by following the United States, but this practice has gone against the tone of globalization development.If a new cold war breaks out, the relationship between China and the United States will deteriorate sharply and both sides will lose.Britain has completely become a vassal of the United States, and it is an exclamation that the “empire on which the sun never sets” has fallen into complete desolation.Some analysts believe that which country has the strongest “anti-China” voice in the world indicates that the country has fallen into a sharp domestic conflict and hopes to divert the attention of domestic and foreign public opinion by smearing China so as to make its life easier.In fact, when the UK blames China and Russia for nothing, it has already followed the United States to become the biggest aggressor.Partial information reference source: international travel island business daily, huanqiu net