Huimin County Madian town: anti-fraud work continued to send force?Build a solid line of defense for public safety

2022-05-11 0 By

In order to further promote the “national anti-fraud APP”, remind the public to stay away from network fraud and improve their awareness of prevention.In recent days, madian town staff actively village households, face-to-face guidance of the masses to download the “national anti-fraud APP”.According to understand, ma township government set up special anti-fraud working team, deep into the whole town, 72 village, five schools, 14 companies, such as distributing leaflets and site on way, to the masses spread knowledge of telecommunications to prevent fraud, focuses on network brush list, the network shopping, the fake notices of winning prizes, pretend to be rich, gaming equipment, fry “minor” and so on the characteristics of the network fraud crime and crime means,Remind everyone to stay away from such scams and raise their awareness.At the same time, government cadres actively promote the “National anti-fraud center APP”, carefully explain the functions, features and advantages of the personnel who did not install, guide and assist them to install;For people who are not familiar with the operation of smart phones, we can teach them by hand to ensure the installation is in place and turn on the warning and blocking function.Tell the masses not to trust strangers’ phone easily, do “not credulous, do not reveal, do not transfer”, guard their “money bag”.According to statistics, up to now, the activity issued a total of 10000 anti-fraud leaflets, promote the installation of the “National anti-fraud center” APP software more than 17,000 people, effectively promote the anti-fraud propaganda work, build a strong anti-fraud security defense, to create a safe and stable environment for the development of Madian town.