Jishou University ace major

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The flagship majors of Jishou University include musicology, biological science, business administration, software Engineering, landscape architecture, journalism, etc.1. First of all, get to know Jishou University.Jishou University is located in Jishou city and Zhangjiajie City, and has the qualification of “recommending outstanding undergraduate graduates to study for master’s degree without examination”. Jishou University has been selected into the National “Central and Western Universities Basic Capacity Construction Project”, “Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program”, “Excellent Agriculture and Forestry Talents Education and Training Program”.2, then learn about the advantage of Jishou University major.The advantageous majors of Jishou University include: dance, Fine arts, Martial arts and traditional Ethnic sports, Nursing, Business English, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Applied Chemistry, Plant Science and Technology, financial Engineering, Chinese Language and Literature, etc.3, Musicology is the study of all the theoretical disciplines of music;Musicology has different research objects and emphases in different periods. In addition to the basic research objects, musicology also studies all personal and national musical behaviors in history and now, that is, musical physiological behavior, creative behavior, performance behavior, aesthetic behavior, acceptance behavior, and learning behavior.4, biological science (also known as life science) includes two professional direction of biological science and biological technology, the specialized subject mainly trains the student to study biological science and technology aspects of basic theory, basic knowledge, students will be applied basic research and technological development of scientific thinking and science experiment training, which has good scientific literacy and preliminary teaching.Basic ability of research, development and management.