My cousin and I deposited 800,000 yuan three years ago, and the comparison three years later actually made me cry

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Three years ago, I met my cousin at a Chinese New Year’s party.We talked for a long time, from work to income to investments.My cousin is very conservative. He used to be an excavator driver. Ten years ago, he bought an excavator by himself.I am in a construction company work, income more than 100,000 a year, plus parents give me a sum of money, I am about 800,000.Three years later, however, we are on very different paths.I am a radical person in my heart. I want to try something new when I see it. When P2P was popular, I invested 200,000 yuan one after another, with a profit of 12% at that time.However, the good times did not last long, suddenly the P2P market appeared a wave of bankruptcy, I bought not immune bankruptcy, let me lose 180,000 yuan.It hurt me for a long time.But I am not willing to, desperate, the network appeared car crowdfunding, shop crowdfunding.At the beginning, I was also wary. When I joined one crowdfunding QQ group after another and observed it for a period of time, I found that they had procedures, car certificates, and there was surveillance to see the stores opened by crowdfunding.It seemed to make sense, so I let my guard down.As soon as crowdfunding was available, they invested, and they had annualized returns of 20% or more.I fantasized about turning over and growing my wealth.However, I was slapped in the face again. One platform after another defaulted and went bankrupt, protecting its rights. I invested 300,000 yuan, but only returned 50,000 yuan at last, and lost 250,000 yuan again.The principal of 800,000 yuan is only 370,000 yuan, but I still don’t give up, dreaming of turning over the capital, dreaming of financial freedom, and lost myself.Impetuous investment is taboo, and I did not repent, anxious to invest back, heard which friends said that there is a good project, I will cast, and cast 300 thousand.I also advise you here little Lord, didn’t you actually participate in the project not to become a shareholder, consequences, friends turn faster than books, said how good this was before investment, investment in, until the end of the year to na share out bonus, missing, no books, made a lost only he knows, anyway, I’m two years haven’t points in red.Later I was angry, with a friend showdown, not to invest, withdraw stocks, give me the capital, he will be divided into four years to me, so far also took back 60,000.When I became a shareholder of my friend’s project, I also saw my colleague making a lot of money in the stock market. I was jealous and invested the remaining 70,000 yuan in the stock market. However, my impetuous nature could not save the situation.I began to chase rise kill fall, lost I cash credit card, the more the more, no way, began to move pay treasure borrow, borrow, also borrow, the amount is more and more big, finally borrow borrow 200 thousand, and then to the bank to loan 150 thousand.Then they borrowed money from other platforms.Trapped in the intermittent loan repayment, wireless cycle…I myself have a lot of trouble falling asleep…This year’s New Year, I got together with my cousin, now he has more than a million deposits, according to him, it seems to have more than 1.5 million, he asked me what good financial projects, I said with a wry smile, there is no better than the bank.I’m really scared now. I’m in my 40s, and I’m still paying off my debts.