Anti-drug publicity; Anti-drug detachment carries out anti-drug publicity activities jointly with various police departments

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In order to further strengthen the propaganda and education of drug control, effectively improve the awareness of teachers, students and religious people of drug awareness, anti-drug, anti-drug, to create a good social environment.From March 20 to 21, the state Public Security Bureau anti-drug detachment joined with multiple departments of police to carry out anti-drug publicity activities in the second ethnic primary school of Maqin County and the Laari Temple of Maqin County.
March 20, Maqin County primary School
During the activity, the police popularized the knowledge of traditional and new types of drugs, their characteristics and harm by distributing anti-drug manuals, anti-drug leaflets, anti-drug publicity books and displaying simulated drugs.Mobilize teachers and students to strengthen the study of anti-drug knowledge and realize the necessity and importance of anti-drug education.At the same time, the serious situation of the current telecom fraud, the commonly used method, crime characteristics and knowledge of preventive measures against fraud, that four aspect is in progress, in plain language, the actual cases. (video) introduces the kill pig dishes, brush a single online, net lending, pretends to be the common means of fraud, such as minor personnel and puts forward effective prevention advice.

Photo taken on March 21, 2019 shows the Laari Temple in Maqin County
During the activity, by police tibetan-chinese bilingual and field distribution of anti-drug publicity brochures, show the true drugs such as a variety of ways, to the scene to preach of drug laws and regulations, to the temple monks introduces types and harm of drugs, the basic characteristics of the drug, such as how to resist the temptation of drug knowledge, popularize knowledge of drug control laws and regulations,He also answered questions raised by religious believers and called on monks and believers to actively participate in the fight against drugs, consciously resist drugs, and create a healthy and safe living environment in the temple.

Through into the campus, the temple activities to publicize the dangers of narcotics, popularize the teachers and students, monks and believers for various types of new drug related knowledge and anti-virus techniques, deepen their understanding of the harm, improve the study drug control knowledge, strengthened refuse drugs, actively participate in the national anti-drug propaganda team,For the creation of a harmonious non-toxic social environment respect set a solid foundation.
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