Is it too late for middle school students to raise points?As long as you try your best to learn, it’s never too late!

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I am the 2020 Guangdong examinee.First of all, LET me explain that my learning method may not be suitable for high achiever (I served chicken).In addition, the following content only represents personal views, learning methods should be combined with their own actual reference.The following is my junior three experience (including the examination), according to the chronological order to write a little messy, all kinds of suggestions have been interspersed in which, finally there are about the examination of each subject feeling and examination suggestions, I hope to be helpful to you.My junior middle school is a key middle school in the city. There are more than 900 students in my class. I ranked no. 438 in the first semester and got 382 in the second semester of the first grade (my best score before the third grade).Then the second grade between five or six hundred beat.In the second year of junior high school, I fell into depression due to my interpersonal relationship. In the mid-term examination, I ranked more than 700 students in grade.According to the previous school entrance examination results, the school has about 450 students can be admitted to a certain high school in the mind of most people at the whole level.My second day when faint to his results a little panic, but still in dejected deep not pulled out, until the third day, perhaps is the passage of time to help, I can finally move to the spirit of learning.Back to their barren land, some is not only psychological pressure, but also regret for the second year.In the first semester, I urged myself to forget the unpleasant things and devote myself to study.I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do my best.I had too much homework in the third year of junior high school. I set the alarm clock at 5:20 (I got up at 6:20 in school), but later I wanted to squeeze time to review, so I decided to do it earlier.I used to get up at 4 o ‘clock one sick week.Later I realized that I was unproductive, probably because giving myself more time makes me less productive.From then on, you’ll still get up early, but not that early.Another way I catch time is to read a book while standing in line at the canteen.Whenever the bell rang, I would quickly pick up the book to the dining hall (otherwise too many people have to wait for a long time), by the way on the ground to look at their own happy running figure, in the face of the sunset revealed the pride of their struggle for a day.As a result, I almost always arrive when there are fewer people, so I often can’t wait for a few people to get dinner, and the book often becomes a decoration.In addition, the dining hall is noisy, it is difficult to review the effect, so it is suggested to take only the data that suits to review in noisy environment.The third grade is still in five or six hundred, each time the results are quite a blow, but also accompanied by embarrassment.I am often the first one to arrive at the classroom after lunch break every day.Every day during lunch break, I go back to the classroom with my review materials tightly, flip over the window and open the door from the inside.Along with me were two excellent students, both in the top 100 of their grade.That’s where the awkwardness comes in, the seemingly identical approach but the huge difference.I always imagined that they might have subconsciously praised me for being an average student, but at the same time wondered: Why isn’t this guy getting his grades?(Lamenting his inferior nature!)The biggest harvest on the third day is to take an examination of the top 500, 497.On the other hand, my performance in physics improved rapidly. Maybe it was because I learned mechanics in the second year of junior high school that I realized that electricity was very interesting to me, so physics became my strong subject.The winter vacation of grade three is very important.I suggest that winter vacation can lay a solid foundation, the back of the back (Chinese back good poetry;Politics to back after combing, the first round of review the teacher may take you to comb again;History should be memorized with time, process and meaning.But also to make a good composition!My composition is not good, nor is my Chinese.(In fact, primary school Chinese performance is very good, junior high school too despise Chinese, end up like this.)Winter vacation teacher told us to make a good composition, but out of my great fear of composition, every time to write a composition to write dark, so I still didn’t how to make, so the third semester to eat a lot of pain.The third day just began, I have a little lost remorse, net class I listen to, homework well done.But when you carry something like this, you don’t plan for it.A lot of people before the winter vacation filled with enthusiasm, and can really winter vacation to do each piece of people really very few!Don’t overestimate your ability to execute!Our class is a review session in the online class.I took the exam at home and scored 565. When I learned the result, I cried. The next morning, I woke up and cried again, but I couldn’t wipe my tears.In school, I tried to spend all my time and listen carefully (especially in math class).I suddenly feel that the teacher is too good!He speaks it very well!How could I have met such a good teacher!So listen to math class, and let me just say that I’m only three points behind the top of my class in modular math.In the third grade, I didn’t spend much time on English physics. Physics was almost untouched except for the teacher’s lectures and homework.Chemistry was a subject I felt I mastered well, but still failed to get my ideal grade, and history was a subject I was sometimes interested in but never excelled in.As for politics, I have always been good at politics, but I did not do well in the exams every time. I have been searching for ways to adapt to politics from junior one to junior three.I suggest doing a wrong choice question (our school grade first did!), not only can recite, but also can answer questions. It is really important to answer questions. These are all routine.The second model after a month and a half, I improved 231!Ah, I didn’t even take the exam of more than 400, but it was more than 300. It was a new feeling all over my body. I tore off the label of repeated failure and had the right to pursue my dream.Talk about my harvest in grade three:Above has said the huge progress, in fact also bring me a piece of me in grade 3 exam a week before the exam, 118 out of 120) of the language, the composition of an article 48 points (composition out of 50, here want to say is a composition must have comprehension, it is best not to use the hardcore of expression, the title not too strange, don’t be too straightforward, with representative implies that,To add poetic beauty, for example, calligraphy can be changed to ink lingering, guzheng can be changed to one string and one column,), and 97 points in physics (out of 100, why do I always take 97?).My junior three said almost, the following about my examination.The exam before no matter how good, only the high school entrance examination can really determine the next three years.(in addition to the recommended admission) so do not be smug because of good test!Chinese test I was silent wrong two words, this is my middle three silent plate wrong one of the most severe, (spring valley holding cooking to do, so that from the test to know the score line I dare not go to see this poem because of psychological shadow), so do not despise silent, must be two hundred percent correct!The night before the test of Chinese to the morning I have been reviewing notes, I have every note back thoroughly familiar (note: it is 36 ancient poems under all the class notes, people teaching version of the Chinese book), a word will not be wrong, as a result, it does not test ah!It changed the three translation annotation questions into multiple choice questions (really good news for students in the future, no longer need to memorize).Unfortunately, my preparation for the test was worthless.In fact, there are a lot of questions that have changed, so Chinese core literacy is very important, I think this is to test the core literacy, do not panic when meeting new questions, usually set a good Angle, such as rhetoric, content, structure, characterization, emotional color.By the way, when I did the expository reading, because I usually chose the wrong one, but the high school entrance exam asked us to choose the right one, so I looked at the problem and I knew I had to choose the right one, but when I looked at the choices, I forgot.I think a lot of them are wrong. How can this one be so difficult?So, I chose what I thought was the most wrong…In view of this price painful lesson, examine the topic to raise stem must see clearly, do not rely on inertia answer!Over the years, guangdong’s compositions have been modest, such as “So…”I wish…””Constant” “instant/breakthrough” and so on, are very composition composition, this year how to test a……The letter?I haven’t studied or written a letter in three years!In the two-hour exam, I wrote my essay to the last minute. I was full, but the format seemed a little wrong…So at ordinary times review might as well open expand style field of vision, perhaps can have effect.This year’s masterpiece title after two questions I did not understand what it asked, but the masterpiece additional questions even if do not understand also want to write, can play at will, not empty.Classics to seize the rise of the third summer vacation and the third winter vacation from the content, character image, artistic characteristics, theme and so on to review, because the scope is really very wide, 7 is divided into the lowest goal.Winter and summer vacation do not study well to the later more passive, the greater the pressure, the more no time, in that day will regret!Take an examination of the Chinese evening or could not help but think of the language, the more I think the more feel that they took a bad test, the more feel that my examination should not be so.I woke up three times during the night.I hope we all have the ability to forget one subject after the exam.Math test before very nervous, 17 so simple I did not see it!I thought about it right after the exam.Fortunately, I got the three points in front of me right, so I didn’t feel so bad.After the test of the feeling of his entire test collapse, after all, the last question and the last question of the last question of the penultimate second big question did not write, the penultimate second ask only wrote a little on the bell.After all, I told myself I had to hope no matter what, so I pretended nothing was wrong and continued to take the remaining five courses.About mathematics I find will score is very important, not random writing will skip, the premise is that this is more people will not, not the topic will not, in addition to difficult to only a small part of the topic outside the other will be!It depends on your usual efforts!Plus careful you can dump others a lot of points!In addition, time is really tight, hand speed to fast, but also neat.So brush more questions, complete the homework well, brush classic, to limit time!I finally got 103 points in math (always thinking that if I write four points correctly, it is 107). The English paper was too easy, I usually 110+, and finally got 119.English grammar winter vacation to fix, usually the vocabulary phrase to very book, to break the word book!Practice reading and it will come naturally.The composition does not have to be too advanced but the key points are indispensable, the handwriting is neat, do not alter, logical coherence and smooth.Read the classic passage before the test and adjust to the English state.There’s no need to be nervous about listening.About objectification, I was hoping my two subjects would add up to five points.I couldn’t be further from the truth.Especially physics.Confirming the saying that the subjects you are good at tend to do worse.So even if you are good at it, you should pay attention to the problem sense.As for politics and history, I am good at politics. I have passed 96 for several times, but I only got 86 in the high school entrance examination (politics is a closed-book examination here).Learning methods are mentioned in the experience above.I don’t have much to say about history, I spent a lot of time but just like that, the high school entrance exam was a little better 92, usually around 85 or even more than 70.My best friend, she doesn’t listen to lectures much and doesn’t do much homework.Maybe it’s a core literacy problem?In short, multiple choice questions should have a sense of the topic, some questions are to put aside the knowledge to analyze, mention the core accomplishment.Finally received the admission notice of that key high school!I think the third grade is not only a year to prepare for the entrance examination, but also a year to greatly improve myself.Put your best foot forward this year and you won’t be a loser, no matter what the outcome.I hope you can see a shocking self in June and enjoy your three years of high school.