What does net value 1.05 mean

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Net value 1.05 refers to the fund earnings per share of 0.05.1. The Fund uses the term “net value” to indicate the net asset value of each fund unit.The net worth is the unit price you pay for the fund, but the net worth fluctuates every day depending on the stock market, and the number of shares you own per day is your daily return.2. If the net unit value of the fund increases, we will gain income by investing in this fund.Fund unit net value is the price that a fund it represents.The net unit value of this fund is changed once every trading day, and it will be announced at about 8:30 p.m. on the same day of each trading day.3. Expanded information: estimated net value is also called net value estimation, many company platform in the fund company has not announced the net value of the day before, their own advance estimate budget out of a net value, for your reference.The net value of the estimate is based on the day’s overall market rise and the rise or fall of the fund’s historical holdings.Using their special algorithm to estimate the total.