Come to Ganzhou Fangte and enjoy the Spring Festival

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Spring Festival is coming,Family luck on February 1, 2022, ganzhou, “home for the holiday Fant reunion “Spring Festival theme activities officially started the year of the tiger in the thick festival atmosphere lanterns, folk performances, wufu mart traditional customs in o., large fireworks show for the majority of tourists spring sent to experience the joys of having a unique style of the year of the tiger lantern, New Year folk performances for the festival atmosphere during the Spring Festival,Ganzhou Fangte has created “Happy Year of tiger” and “Fish every year” lighting groups to add New Year flavor to the park and let tourists experience the festive atmosphere.Clever cartoon tiger and Spring Festival elements combined to create a full tide tiger spring picture, a symbol of spring luck, the year of the tiger.In the New Year, people also commonly used to convey good wishes to the meaning of the fish lamp, “every year there are fish” lamp group to carp containing copper coins as a design element, meaning a bright future, good luck, year after year.The vivid shape and beautiful meaning of the two lamp sets are loved by tourists, attracting many tourists to stop to punch in and take photos.Prosperous New Year, dragon send auspicious shiwu.During the Spring Festival, Jiangxi Fangte also added the necessary dragon and lion dance performance to the “Lunar New Year feast”, integrating the traditional folk performing arts and the festive atmosphere of the festival, with the joyful dragon and lion dance performance to pay New Year’s greetings to tourists and send them the blessings of the New Year.”I haven’t seen such a wonderful dragon and lion dance performance for many years. It’s very beautiful. It’s full of Chinese New Year flavor!”As he watched the performance, Mr Chen, from Jian, recorded a video on his mobile phone to share with friends.Receiving the God of wealth is an ancient Chinese traditional festival custom.During the Spring Festival, the “God of wealth” parade in Fangte Oriental Yuxiao Garden in Ganzhou conveyed New Year’s greetings to tourists.During the parade, the two bears, dressed in their new Spring Festival costume, also appeared to interact with visitors, bringing joy to the “bear fans” in the New Year.In addition, the “Five Blessings Market” is also popular with tourists.Here, visitors can write “fu” (Chinese character for Happiness), carry out New Year paintings and get glutinous rice cakes (zi ba), experience traditional Folk customs and regain the taste of the New Year in their memories.In the market, there are sugar paintings, New Year’s sweets, sugar-coated gourds, which are essential sweet foods for the Spring Festival. The lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival is also dense in the sweetness.Many visitors said that these traditional Chinese New Year interactions awakened their childhood memories and allowed them to relive the fun of their childhood.During the first day of the first lunar month to the sixth day of the first lunar month, Ganzhou square special business hours extended to 21:00.The long opening hours and colorful night entertainment activities attract many families to visit.”Flying”, “Breaking Out”, “Time like song” and other online celebrity projects are well received by tourists.Ms. Liu, from Nanchang, said, “Ganzhou Fangte Oriental Yuxiao park is really a meaningful theme park. There are many programs that can both educate and entertain, and both adults and children can learn something after playing. It is especially suitable for families to experience.”In the deep smell of The New Year, tourists are immersed in the sea of culture and technology, laughing and laughing.When the lights come on and the night falls, the republic of China drama The Night Before Dawn is upgraded and returned in Shanghai Street, leading the majority of tourists to immerse themselves in the “Spy story” and feel the unique “new experience of red tourism” of Fangte Oriental.Gannan town bonfire festival lively, for the majority of tourists to pass the warmth and vision of the New Year.Dazzling fireworks explode in the night sky, adding warmth and romance to the reunion moment and sending tourists full New Year wishes.