Practice Kung Fu while doing housework: Experience martial arts philosophy in a Lego creative project

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Hello, everyone. Today, I will continue to show you lego Ideas works.Today we’re going to talk about THE KARATE KID AND COBRA KAI LEGACY (1984-2018) by Delusion Brick.The LEGO Ideas, which spans the content of several movies and TV series, currently has nearly 2k upvotes.However, the author submitted a similar work at the end of 2020, which was rejected after receiving ten thousand likes.This time, because it is just a repeat submission after making changes and upgrades, it has little chance of passing the review.The Karate Kid, first released in 1984, tells the story of Daniel, a Young Man from New Jersey, who moves to his new home in California with his mother. Daniel meets Ellie, who is chased and bullied by her former boyfriend, Johnny, a member of the Cobra Road club.On the night of the Halloween dance, Daniel was attacked again. When he was about to be K.O, he was suddenly rescued by a master who beat Johnny and his gang back.Daniel wakes up to find Mr. Miyagi, the unassuming Japanese gardener in the apartment.In order to avoid Daniel being bullied again, Mr. Miyagi decided to accept him as a disciple, and to the Cobra Hall under the gauntlet, Daniel finally through the karate conference fierce battle, difficult to win and understand the true meaning of karate story.The story is basically a story about a teenager’s confusion and growth, but also mixed with anti-war, ethnic minorities and social class issues. It also has zen views on martial arts, which is a very positive work.The story of two protagonists, young and old, help each other to perfect the structure, similar works “Up”, “Scent of a Woman”, “Cinema Paradiso” and so on.In 2018, Youtube Red launched COBRA KAI, a continuation of the Karate Kid film. Three seasons later, Naifeh took over the series, following the story of Johnny’s unsuccessful attempt to revive COBRA KAI.A new generation of characters and props also appear in this set of IDEAS works.The Karate Kid, starring Jackie Chan in 2010, is also a remake of the Karate Kid, with posters paying homage to the original design.In my favorite spongeBob episode, “Karate Island,” there’s an old man at the end that most people don’t know is Actually Mr. Morita, who played Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid and died in 2005. This episode was made in honor of him.Speaking of the works, compared to the previous submitted works, the author added a lot of details this time, can be said to be the previous luxurious upgrade version, the doll configuration also covers the entire timeline, including the teenage and old Daniel.There are also replacement bricks for the walls of the ashram, so you can finish the “training” tour by painting the walls and polishing the floor as you like.Free to build favorite scenes between two generations of stories, more playability than the previous game.The layout of the ashram remains the same.The front yard shows Miyagi’s collection of old cars, fishing boats, and a small water tank, including the yellow bike he gave Daniel as a birthday present.I found the gravel and ruts in the doorway interesting.The series also features Johnny’s car and a small stage where Johnny and Daniel teach karate.It was also where Daniel took his first lesson, wax on Wax Off.In the back yard is a Japanese courtyard with cobbled paths, stone lamps and wooden Bridges, and a stream running through the courtyard.This is where Daniel practices “mopping floors” and “painting fences.”There was also a small pool for his balancing lessons.But maybe it’s software rendering?Or maybe there were too many plants and animals, and I felt the backyard design looked a little too cluttered and noisy.The central house consists of three rooms. The outer walls are where Daniel practises “painting the house”. The roof of each room has a removable structure that makes it easy to play with the internal structure.The rooms are accessed by sliding doors and round arches.A small room connected by a small dining room in the middle to an ashram on one side and a bedroom and kitchen on the other.Throughout the room you can see a lot of Oriental hanging paintings hanging scrolls and various small decorations.Of course, you can find a lot of details from the movie.For example, the karate suit made by Mr. And Mrs. Miyagi can also be seen on the door of Mr. Miyagi’s hand-painted task list.Looking at the bowls and chopsticks in the small dining room in the middle, one can still think of the classic scene in the movie where two people catch flies with chopsticks.Fans of the show should be delighted by the details.There is also a lot of philosophy about martial arts and life in the play. Miyagi teaches martial arts in a very simple way and basically works…But the heart and moves of karate run through it.He emphasizes the art of balance and tells Daniel that the purpose of learning to fight is to never have to fight again.This reminds me that What Ma Yu taught Guo Jing was not some complicated martial arts skills, but just some breathing, sleeping and walking techniques, which greatly improved Guo Jing’s martial arts skills.Mr. Miyagi is a step up from the badass, slogan-shouting karate instructor.Although the final outcome of this ideas work is likely to be “Hard labor”, it still does not hinder everyone’s love for this childhood Kung Fu dream movie.If you want to reminisce about your childhood, you might want to watch the follow-up US TV series.Have you lit up your childhood kung fu dream after seeing this work?I’m Li ER, and that’s all for this episode. Stay tuned for Bad Snow’s Lego Warehouse and Jim’s World, and we’ll see you next time.