The rule of law Spring Festival couplets send blessings to the publicity of the law into the thousands

2022-05-20 0 By

“Welcome the Spring Festival and paste Spring Festival couplets” is the traditional custom of the Chinese nation, which represents everyone’s good wishes for the New Year and the New Year.In order to inherit the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, promote the spirit of rule of law, and create a happy and festive Atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the Propaganda and Cultural Service Center of Fuxing Town, Dongpo District, Meishan city, Sichuan Province, together with the town justice Institute, the Town Youth League Committee, the Town Customs Committee,Song Zhaojun, a calligraphy enthusiast, and young volunteers were organized to carry out the cultural benefit activity of “Spring Festival couplets for the Rule of law” in the comprehensive cultural square of Fuxing Town.On the morning of January 27, it was cold and rainy, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of calligraphy lovers and young volunteers.At the scene of the activity, calligraphy lover Song Zhaojun, young volunteers dance ink, “Still De Chongfa enjoy peace and rule of law to build a prosperous era” and other festive Spring Festival couplets, came to receive an endless stream of villagers, villagers get Spring Festival couplets are filled with happy smile.This activity, Meishan City Dongpo District Fuxing town justice also took the scene of legal advice and send Spring Festival couplets organic combination of the way, so that the popularization of law into thousands of households, so that the majority of villagers feel the thick flavor of the Year at the same time, effectively enhance the concept of legal system, improve legal awareness.(jessie&gin)