Too strong!Ding junhui broke 100 shots +4-0 sweep to win the China Derby

2022-05-20 0 By

Snooker welsh Open qualifier, ding Junhui, “China’s no.1” against Gao Yang, this is a Chinese Derby, finally, Ding Junhui broke 100, 4-0 sweep to advance, really too strong, won the Derby, Gao Yang out of the competition.Now ding junhui’s ranking has fallen below the 30th place. After winning the 2019 UK Championship, he has been in a championship drought, and even played a round for many times. In some matches, Ding Junhui’s match state was also questioned by many fans.A little bit of joy is that ding Junhui’s condition improved in the previous Champions League. Although he failed to win the championship, he also broke 100 shots. After the match, ding also posted that he was quite satisfied with his condition.Regardless, Ding junhui remains China’s no. 1, at least in terms of his 14 ranking titles.Gao Yang is a 00 post-junior, two people before there is no official match record, Ding Junhui in the civil war, or more experience, his strength is certainly above Gao Yang, normal play, beat Gao Yang, successful promotion, should not be too big a problem.The first round ding junhui although 7 points after the break, but Gao Yang is also a single fault 31 points, Ding Junhui shot a single 59 points first down a city.The second bureau, two people play quite sticky, gao Yang a defense missed the opportunity, Ding Junhui 50-41 thrilling win.The third set, Ding junhui won 55-31 narrowly, big score 3-0 to get match point.The fourth set, Ding junhui was quite strong, single shot 134 points easily one stroke victory, thus 4-0 sweep.Statistics as above