From just need to improve!In the post-transport era, how does the port area property market “start”?

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On September 27, 2021, the National Games officially drew to a close.Whether we can seize the opportunity of the National Games, make up the shortcomings of urban development function, and vigorously build the national central city is a problem worth thinking deeply.As the center of the national Games, the port area, the follow-up property market development potential?It’s a particular concern.It is located in the ba-Wei River Delta, chan River, Ba River, Jing River and Wei River in the northeast of the main urban area of Xi ‘an city. The planned control area is 120 square kilometers, and the planned construction area is 89.89 square kilometers.After decades of development, the port area is formed by “changan” international freight trains, “xian Hong Kong”, a kind of open port, cross-border electricity try heddle area opening to the outside world on the basis of the pattern, such as creating “area of the largest continental international transshipment hub port along the way, trade logistics distribution center and the big xi ‘an east new city center”.At present, the port logistics Zone has basically formed five leading industrial systems: harbor industry, e-commerce, new finance, modern trade and logistics, culture, sports and health. In addition, the large-scale projects under construction and urban supporting facilities basically guarantee the rich diversity of high-quality industries.As the first inland port in China, the development of the port area is obvious to all, especially after the central government put forward the “Belt and Road” strategy, the development of the port area has ushered in new opportunities.On June 20, 2016, the main stadium of the 14th National Games was settled in the International Port and Logistics Zone.Since then, with the help of the National Games, the port area has taken the high-speed train, and the infrastructure has been constantly improved under the favorable policies.The significance of the National Games is not only the staging of large-scale events, but also the reconstruction of urban appearance, regional value and human life.At this moment, the international port planning and blueprint to accelerate the cashing, the whole department of infrastructure hot.In terms of transportation, subway Line 3 and Line 14 have been put into operation, and can be transferred with line 2/4/5/6/10 (under construction) and other lines, so as to reach the whole city.The opening of port loop line, convention and exhibition special line and full transport special line has further expanded the coverage of public transport.In addition, a number of dead-end roads in the region have been opened up, and the backbone road network connects seamlessly with eight expressways, including Shanghai-Shaanxi, Bao-Mao, Lian-Huo and Fuzhou-Yinchuan, through the ring.In terms of business, there are currently sand Ship Outlets, South China City, Direct stores of imported goods in Xi ‘an Port, and trading base of imported wine in Xi ‘an Port.Relatively speaking, commercial resources are scarce. However, China Resources Mixc, Sunac Ice and Snow World, high-tech commercial complex and other projects are under construction. After completion of these projects, they will make up for the lack of commercial facilities in the region.In terms of education, Tieyi Central Port Primary School, Tieyi Central Port Middle School and Shaanxi Normal University Continental Port Primary School opened in September 2020. There are also continental Port Primary School, Continental Port Second Primary School, Continental Port First Primary School and other educational resources in the region.In addition, at the end of November last year, the Announcement of pre-qualification of Project Design of Gaoxin No.1 Mainland Port School was released, so far three of the five famous schools have entered the port area.In terms of ecology, there are Qihang Park, Olympic Sports Central Park, Quanyun Lake, Xinsi Ruins Park, land port football theme sports park, etc., which can meet the daily leisure needs.In terms of medical treatment, the First Affiliated Hospital of The Third Grade A Hospital of Jiaotong University is in full swing. It integrates health, medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, health care and leisure health care. At present, the main structure has been capped.In addition, China Merchants, China Railway, China Metallurgical, Power Construction, China Resources Northwest Headquarters, Greenland Silk Road Global Trade Port and other enterprises have already appeared, involving port construction, industrial introduction, trade development, financial innovation, urban operation and other aspects, to further improve the opening level of the international Port zone.2. In the post-National Games era, after the construction of the National Games in the eastern New Town of Greater Xi ‘an, many people also maintained a pessimistic attitude towards the development of the port Area. After all, there were some cities that became an “empty city” after the national Games were held.There are also some people believe that the National Games for regional development to lay a shot in the future, will be optimistic.However, the official release of the port area development plan outline, once again boosted people’s confidence in regional development.On November 22, 2021, the INTERNATIONAL Port and Logistics Park released the “Xi ‘an International Port and Logistics Park national Economic and Social Development of the 14th five-year Plan and the outline of the 2035 Vision Goals”, which clearly announced that the new construction goals of the port after the National Games are: explore the post-Games era of Olympic sports sector transformation, the construction of the greater Xi ‘an Eastern New City.To build inland trade hub ports under the Belt and Road Initiative.To build the Assembly center of China-Europe Freight train (Xi ‘an), promote the integrated development of transportation, production and trade with Chang ‘an as the core, and build a trade and logistics hub;To strengthen The National logistics hub of Xi ‘an land port, and form a collection and distribution system of “combination of trunk and branch, hub and distribution”;We will expand and strengthen trade at ports, build demonstration zones for promoting innovation in import trade, vigorously develop general trade, bulk trade and cross-border e-commerce, and realize the integrated development of Hong Kong’s industry and trade.We will make the inland a leading place for reform and opening up.Strengthen the five industrial clusters of Lingang economy, trade service, digital economy, new finance, culture, sports and health, and build an open economic industry highland;To build a Belt and Road oriented industrial transfer and acceptance center, an international trade center, a financial service center, a cultural exchange base and a diversified international commercial dispute settlement center.To build a new center of a modern international city.Optimize urban spatial structure, upgrade urban functions, and build an urban function carrier facing the “Belt and Road” initiative;Prioritizing ecology, coordinating the landscape construction of the “Three Rivers and one Mountain” international port section, the central green corridor, the fast road network and the main road, striving to build an ecological pattern of “one ring, three districts, five belts and multiple lines”.We will continue to improve basic education and medical services, introduce quality resources, participate in the development of supporting urban functions, build a high-quality living circle, and build a new urban center.With the gradual realization of various supporting facilities and the holding of the National Games, the overall appearance of the port area has changed and its value has been improved.In addition, China Resources, Greentown, China Merchants, Gemdale, Sunac and other well-known real estate enterprises have settled in, and the “thousand people shake” and “ten thousand shake” projects are frequently appearing, attracting the attention of the city’s buyers, and the real estate fever in the Port Area is rising.Harbor area in the sale of real estate summary (data are for reference only, specific to the developers, such as living building platform of the public) now, harbor area whole divided into three parts – Olympic plate, political and economic plate, plate bonded area, including two of the fastest growing than Olympic plate, can literally, almost all of the supporting is built around the Olympic sports center to.Olympic Sports Center plate, the birth of the port area’s first “ten thousand people shake”, Jindi Jiufeng hui, has been sold out, but there are more projects launched in the plate later.Greentown Mission Hills is a new plot of greentown village, the sales department and model area has been opened.The project is located in the north of Liuxin Road and east of Yingbin Avenue of the International Trade and Logistics Park, with xi ‘an Olympic Sports Center in the south and Bahe Park landscape belt in the west. It is one of the areas with excellent views of the port.Green City Mission Hills effect map project planning 6 pure small high community, the record price has been published, in addition to the 6# building is 14F hardcover small high, the rest of the building are 17F hardcover small high, area of 103-143 square meters, the average price is about 15,500 yuan/square meters.China Resources Land Future City, as the “big brother” of the real estate development in the Port Area, has pushed the plate many times, almost every time the lottery.The project is located in the south of the Olympic Sports Center, covering a total area of 800 mu, divided into 10 plots of development, the first phase of housing has been delivered to move in.Later will launch DK7, DK8 hardcover small high-rise, area 115-240 square meters, the reference price of 14,500 yuan/square meters.The political and economic section is located at the core of the PORT Area, where the management Committee of the Port Area is located, and where many corporate headquarters are located. It is not difficult to see that this area is also a key area for development in the future.At present plate internal sales of real estate sunac era City, China Resources Ziyun Fu, MCC Olympic Sports Yunjing etc..The Olympic City of Sunac Era is located at the intersection of Gangfeng Road and Xinzhu Road in the International Port Area, and the port Management Committee is to the east. The geographical position is relatively good.The project covers an area of about 700 acres, divided into two phases of development and construction, planning hardcover small high-rise, currently selling 1-12# building a small amount of housing, area of 98-171 square meters, reference price 15,800 yuan/square meters.The development of the bonded area is relatively backward, with a general regional outlook and a shortage of resources such as education and business. However, there are also many projects for sale here.The main field of Merchants City has always been one of the real estate with good sales in the port area.The project is located at the subway entrance of the bonded area, covering a total area of 500 mu. It is developed in three phases, and the first phase is about to be delivered.Recently, the project is selling DK2 Central bank group, planning small high-rise and foreign house products, the main house type is 90-165㎡, the average price is 15,600 yuan /㎡.Power Construction Fanyue City is currently selling the last high-rise building 9#, and there are some remaining houses, with an area of 129 square meters and a reference price of 14,400 yuan/square meters.The project is located at the subway entrance of the free trade zone, covering a total area of about 122 mu. The residential planning is 14 17-23F hardcover small high-rise buildings, and the business is the northwest headquarters of Power Construction and its supporting facilities.Reviewing the development of the Port Area in recent years, with the Olympic sports plate as the core to the surrounding radiation, the infrastructure continues to improve, housing enterprises continue to enter, the heat of the property market is not reduced.From the beginning of the house price but ten thousand yuan, to now the average price of 15,000 / square meters or so, from the original “suspected”, to now “thousand shake, ten thousand shake”, the heat of buying a house has risen all the way.With the end of the second batch of centralized land supply last year, the maximum price of raw housing in the Port area has reached 18,000 / square meters, and the product types in the area will be improved from the main just need.In this way, the “land of Need” will soon be a thing of the past.Now the port area, has quietly entered the era of improvement, leaving a few opportunities to just need.Therefore, can catch up with the port area last bus, it depends on everyone’s choice.Whether you live in it or not, you need to look at the house from the perspective of the occupant. After all, buying a house is not a small amount of money.Finally, in the New Year, I hope everyone can buy their favorite good house.(Note: Some pictures in the article are from Internet)