Full of flavor!Polar bears celebrate Chinese New Year with dragon dance

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Qilu.net · Lightning news On January 31, the family to have a lively “New Year’s Eve dinner”, is a traditional Chinese custom, in the Ocean Park polar Marine animals also want to feel full of ceremony.This year’s New Year’s Eve, keepers at Qingdao Polar Ocean Park prepared a sumptuous dinner for polar bears, hoping that the animals would be energetic and vigorous in the New Year.In Qingdao Polar Ocean Park restaurant, a nurse is making a big dinner for polar bears — colorful dumplings. Different from the dumplings people often eat, this kind of dumplings are made into the shape of gold ingot, which means fortune and prosperity, and also with a variety of fruits, which are not only colorful, but also very rich in nutrition.Because of their large size, special dumplings need to be steamed for an hour to cook.At the scene, the polar bear “huanhuan” very pleased with this special family reunion dinner, 10 kilograms of a big meal was “kill” less than 5 minutes, when having a meal could gobble appearance, innocently expression, let visitors see the extraordinarily happy.Qingdao polar Ocean Park brand pr Jiang Xiaofei is introduced, the year of the tiger lunar New Year, Qingdao polar Ocean Park launched “to polar whale color tiger” series of activities starting on the first day, the first to Marine elements combined with the traditional “drops” “Marine big temple fair” will be open to visitors free of charge during the Spring Festival, visitors can taste food around the “one-stop” work style,Every day there are also lion dance, Sichuan opera face-changing fire spitting, polar bear parade and other folk characteristics.In order to create a new atmosphere, Qingdao polar Ocean Park also is unique, special underwater launch the Spring Festival show, the actors in 7 meters of migration in the pool of 360 ° for “dragon”, “god of wealth to send goods, such as performance, all kinds of tropical fish, like sharks elf will” participation “among them, the sense of fantasy and let the visitors as if through the” underwater dragon temple “.The park also offers preferential admission tickets for children, the elderly and those born in the year of the tiger, which cost as little as 29.9 yuan.During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the safety of tourists, the park strengthened elimination, implemented the real-name system to purchase tickets, advance booking into the park.Visitors log on to the official wechat account and official websites to purchase tickets, register through the code scanning system, check their health code and take a temperature check, and enter the park with their id cards.In order to avoid cross-infection, masks are required to be worn throughout the park and visitors are requested to keep a distance of more than 1 meter from each other.Flash news reporter Xin Peng Sun Yang Qingdao report