Joe Harris reimbursed for the season, nets owner Joe Tsai how much compensation?The insurance company lost a lot of money

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The Nets are in a difficult situation this season. Of the big three, Irving is a strong opponent of the vaccine and can only play on the road. At first, the team suspended him, but with the injury of the team’s players, the middle move, the management had to recall Irving and let him play on the road.Harden didn’t have it all his own way, either. The league changed the rules, causing the beard to plummet, losing three games and even scoring four points in a single game.Durant, although as always the magic, but during the injury, has not come back.In addition to the big three, adebayor and Joe Harris also by injuries, the eastern part of the nets from the middle of the season the first eastern has been reduced to 6, six defeats one win is hard to find, to say the inside and outside the nets are now suffering, has the core players, fans are disappointed, then there is the nets owner Mr. Tsai has operational pressure, pay big money to get to the big three,Not even a splash has been made, and Joe Harris, who was injured in the early part of the season, has been ruled out for the season.ESPN columnist Zach Lowe talked about Joe Harris on the show. He said he doesn’t think Harris will be able to return this season.Currently, Harris is in the middle of a four-year, $75 million contract, which means he will make $17.35 million this season.Tsai, on the other hand, is theoretically expected to keep Joe Harris for one season, but his loss will be partially reduced by insurance.So, Joe Harris reimbursed season, nets owner Joe Tsai can be compensated?The NBA has a regulation, the team must be a team salary in the first three players to buy insurance, to prevent the situation at a loss, of course, giant teams around the league, now the team most of the player’s salary is very high, so the owners for the vast majority of players to buy insurance, insurance cost roughly between 1.5% and 5%, the insurance company will assess the appropriate proportion.The trigger is simple. When an injury prevents a player from playing 41 or more games, or more than half of the regular season, the “deductible” is 41 games, at which point the insurance company will pay 80 percent of the player’s salary for missing games.If Joe Harris had missed the season, he would not have played 41 games, so Tsai could have collected a $6.94 million payout from insurance.If the premium were at the top 5%, Tsai would only have to take out $11.277 million from his pocket this season, significantly reducing his losses.