Many main forces appear in the Dragon tiger list, In Futong trading (03-16)

2022-05-22 0 By

According to the public information of shenzhen Stock Exchange trading on March 16, 2022, China Fortis was listed as one of the top 5 securities with a daily gain of 15%.In futong on the same day closed 21.76 yuan, up or down 20.02%, the turnover rate of 23.90%, 22.89% amplitude, the turnover of 786 million yuan.March 16 seat details are as follows: Dragon tiger list data show that today sold one for the institutional seat, the seat net sold 4,020,500 yuan, accounting for 0.51% of the total turnover of the stock today.On the list, there are 2 strength business department figure, respectively in the buy one, sell four, a total of 30,620,900 yuan to buy, sold 6,375,900 yuan, net of 24.245 million yuan.The first buyer was sinoco Securities, Shanghai Pudong New Area Meihua Road securities business Department, this seat bought 27.208,600 yuan, sold 126,300 yuan, the net purchase of 27.082,400 yuan.In the past three months, the seat has been listed 77 times, ranking 33rd in power.The fourth seller was the first securities business Department of Oriental Wealth Securities, Tuanjie Road, Lhasa. This seat bought 3,412,300 yuan and sold 6,249,700 yuan, with a net purchase value of -2,837,400 yuan.In the past three months, the seat has been listed 1,035 times, ranking 8th in strength.Note: The total data in this paper have been de-processed.Disclaimer: This article is based on big data production, only for reference, does not constitute any investment advice, therefore the operation risk oneself.