Jiangsu “most beautiful youth” Zhao Yi: Go through fire and water for the people

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This article is from:He, born in 1989, took part in fire fighting in June 2011. In the past 11 years, he has participated in more than 4000 cases of fire fighting and rescue, rescuing more than 200 trapped people and protecting more than 80 million yuan of people’s property. He has won first-class merit once and third-class merit twice.Jiangsu Fire rescue Corps awarded “top ten grassroots commanders”, “Youth model of Jiangsu fire protection”, “Excellent Communist Party members”, “excellent Cadres of the Youth League”.On March 10, 2020, it won the honorary title of “The Most Beautiful Yancheng People in 2020” sponsored by the Publicity Department of Yancheng Municipal Committee of the CPC.In 2022, she was named “the most beautiful Youth” by the Provincial Propaganda Department.He is Zhao Yi, the current yancheng fire rescue detachment xihuan special service station political instructor.In July 2021, severe floods hit Zhengzhou, Henan Province.The xihuan Road special service station of yancheng Fire Rescue Detachment in Jiangsu province quickly formed the “strongest fighting team” and drove 700 kilometers overnight to the front line of flood fighting for 16 consecutive days.As a political instructor of the secret Service station, Zhao Yi charged to the front in critical moments and resolutely carried the glorious banner of “fire rescue”.”I will lead them up and let them follow me.Maybe I feel more at ease that way.”In Xinxiang, their team was called the “Iron Man Special Squad” by their brother units.In 2019, in the disposal of the “3·21” Xiangshuitian Jiayi explosion accident, Zhao Yi, as the commander of the first squadron, arrived at the scene at the first time, has risked his life three times to enter the core area for comprehensive reconnaissance, and made a decisive decision to save people at the first time.He led the team station commanders and fighters braved the danger of explosions and smoke erosion, has been 8 times deep into the core area to rescue survivors in distress 13 people, search for victims 7 people, evacuation of more than 50 people.In the later disposal process, he went to 16 factories to trace and discharge 124 dangerous sources, and supervised the transport of more than 3,000 tons of high-risk chemicals and transferred and discharged more than 10,000 tons of strong acid sewage, which was honored by the Ministry of Emergency Management as individual First-class merit.