Keep the masses “life saving money” Enshi City Medical insurance bureau to carry out outpatient chronic disease violations remediation action

2022-05-24 0 By

In order to standardize the management of chronic diseases in outpatient clinics and manage the “life saving money” of insured people, enshi Medical Security Bureau launched a three-month special campaign to rectify chronic disease violations in the basic medical insurance outpatient clinics from February 15, 2022.The action focuses on two tasks: one is to check the designated medical institutions illegal sales of chronic diseases drugs;The second is to check the impostor card consumption behavior of family members of patients with chronic diseases after their death.Chronic disease outpatient irregularities special campaign kick-off at the scene of the enshi “medical insurance bureau Zhou Yanfei emphasizes on the mobilization meeting, enshi” health insurance bureau will be found and verified in the operation of violations, with zero tolerance attitude, to do the problem is not check clear, illegal money not recover, illegal illegal activities not processing, to ensure the safety of medical insurance fund.(Correspondent Liao Kangjiao)