Fan Zhongyan’s contribution in politics and military affairs

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Liu Yong, Yan’s father and son, Xiangshan School, late Tang School, Xikun style, anti-Xikun style, Taixue style, Song brothers, Su Mei and so on, which is just for the Song dynasty great poets, great ci people for the foundation.Fan Lingbing, the ancestor of Fan Zhongyan.Jinshi and, successive zhou King Li Yuanfang cao to join the army, around the county zhizhou, the servant, the minister of Ceremonies, the minister of war, deputy prime minister, prime minister, was later killed by Zhou Xinglai Junchen, Tang Zhongzong reset left servant shot, Tang Ruizong reset ordered to restore the honor of Fan Liming.Fan Yong, the father of Fan Zhongyan, was a former Wuyue official who was then allied with Qian Liu in the Northern Song Dynasty.Due to their poor family, xie’s mother took 1-year-old Fan Zhongyan to marry Zhu Wenhan.Zhu Wenhan is The stepfather of Fan Zhongyan, jinshi background, successive pingjiang house push officer, Mige school manager, the ministry of Residence lang Zhong, Zizhou long history, Yantie degree branch judge, Suzhou governor of hezhong House affairs, Pingjiang house magistrate.Fan Zhongyan was born a jinshi,Successive GuangDe army Richard joined the army, Wen Lin lang, set the anniversary military officer, taizhou xixi salt warehouse supervisor section degrees, XingHua county magistrate, secret pavilion school, in the river house, right to fight, we state the year, the year in suzhou, jian, official department YuanWaiLang QuanKaiFeng magistrate, yongxing army, shaanxi running appease agreement year, YuanWaiLang and yao and delayed states year anniversary ring road, and deployment of company and gyeongju year,鄜 Yanlu deployment and jingyi to recruit and consult emissaries, deputy emissaries, counsellors, shaanxi Hedong emissaries, bin Zhou, Shaanxi Four road edge emissaries and bin Zhou to inform, to give the matter and dengzhou, Hangzhou, the ministry of Residence and qingzhou, Yingzhou and other official positions.Fan Zhongyan made political contributions.1 qingli New Deal: promoted reforms in military, economic, cultural and educational fields, and finally failed in less than 2 years (Song Renzong was indeed soft, not as firm as Song Shenzong.After all, Song Shenzong’s Xining reform lasted for 16 years.Moreover, Wang Anshi is stronger and more determined than Fan Zhongyan.2 build a sea weir in Taizhou to promote the development of the local salt industry.In Suzhou, the flood control, promote economic development.4 in jianghuai, Wuzhong, Qingzhou and other places to open storehouses to help people, stabilize agricultural prices, to help people through difficult days.Fan Zhongyan made military contributions.He took part in the Western Xia War, put forward the theory of active defense, promoted the reform of border defense military system, and promoted di Qing and Zuo Shiheng, among others.In 1040, Fan Zhongyan sent his troops to conquer Baibao, Gansu province, and attacked more than a dozen western Xia towns.In 1041, Fan Zhongyan rewarded the Qiang people and made them break away from the Western Xia and the Tubo to submit to the Northern Song.Fan Zhongyan was a competent official politically and militarily, but the failure of the Qingli New Deal in less than two years was still a huge stain.Fan zhongyan’s various measures did not stop the rise of the Xixia dynasty, which was also a mistake.Fan zhongyan encouraged Zhang Zai to give up military affairs and study Confucianism was also a huge blot.