Winter Olympics!She was the judge of biathlon.

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The Beijing Winter Olympics have officially begun.To the Harbin people are proud of, in this Winter Olympics, there is a special judge, she is Yanshou County court officer Zhang Xueyan.On February 7, she was one of the judges in the women’s 15km biathlon.In 1988, Zhang transferred from the August 1 ski team of the People’s Liberation Army to the Yanshou Court and became a judicial policeman.Zhang Xueyan, who has never been in contact with law and court work, has the courage to go back to zero, and integrates himself into the strong learning and working atmosphere of Yanshou County Court, delves into legal knowledge, and constantly urges himself to learn from books and practice.”The moment you actually put on your work uniform, you can’t have the responsibility behind it,” she said.From an athlete to a bailiff and then to a part-time referee, Zhang xueyan’s career has changed several times, and so has her perspective on things.”When I was an athlete, ALL I had to do was think about winning games.When the bailiff, I have to consider responsible to the people, for the masses to solve difficulties;As a referee, I have to be fair and not take sides.”Despite his experience as a former athlete and referee, he still has to recharge his skills to meet the requirements of the Winter Olympics.”It’s stressful, but it’s also very exciting. It’s my first time at the Olympics, and I’m going into closed-loop management after Beijing.”Zhang Xueyan told reporters that this winter Olympic Games her identity is the referee, the winter Olympic biathlon competition.”The selection of referees started three years ago and a lot of people were passed over.But IT was always my goal to compete in Beijing and I’m very proud to have made it.”Zhang finally stood out for her experience and hard work.”As a judicial policeman of the court, I feel very honored to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, but I also know the great responsibility.In this international arena, I will strictly abide by the competition rules and referee discipline, to fulfill my mission, contribute to the Olympic Games, to show the world the style of Longjiang!”