Ouyang Nana has become a brand ambassador, working together to continue to write the attitude of youth

2022-05-29 0 By

On the morning of March 25, 2022, Gu Jia Home officially announced ouyang Nana as brand Ambassador.Home furnishingindustry head brand home, hit as a young cellist ghost horse girl, what kind of spark will burst out?Always focus on the current as the main consumer of youth group gu Jia home, with years of brand accumulation of calm and young up brand image, shaping now Gu Jia New up and young positive brand image.Ouyang Nana, a young girl born after 2000, not only has the courage to keep up with the fashion trend, but also is an excellent young cellist.On her body, can see young lively vitality and to play at the same time the most profound love, it is this very fit characteristics and family household, contributed to the partnership, the pursuit of young brand young soul, hand in hand together embrace diverse life, “play” a brand new feeling, opens the family household closely links with youth groups more efficient.In fact, since Gujia started its youth strategy in 2020, it has carried out a series of strategic and rhythmic integrated marketing innovations with the theme of “Yearning life in Gujia”.By inviting stars, Kols and experts to join hands to create “lifestyle observer” IP, carrying out music festivals and other popular activities for young people, as well as hundreds of experts to join the family-friendly lifestyle observer and other ways, endows the brand with a new impression, and gradually gets closer to consumers’ daily life.This hand in hand with the new generation of youth power — Ouyang Nana, is also hoping to inspire more thinking about yearning for life, together with na YOUNG pure yearning for life, no upper limit, to create more yearning space fit with consumers, enjoy the fun of life.