The jade King, who is worth billions of dollars, seeks true love through blind dates and sends pieces of jadeite to each other as soon as he comes on stage.

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Everyone knows that jadeite is valuable precious jade, even many stars in the entertainment circle are difficult to resist its charm, and hidden in its hard to predict the collection of investment value behind.But there will be some people doubt the value of jade itself, they think jade is nothing more than a stone, stone how can there be a price?It’s not the market hype!Indeed, even in the jade industry has been a “priceless jade heart price”, the value of jadeite is, of course, artificially endowed by the market, each can not reflect the specific practical value of items, its value is dependent on the market.But why the roadside stone price is not high, common in daily life of glass value is not high?Mainly because jadeite has a high level of appearance, deep connotation, scarcity and other characteristics, especially high-quality jadeite, it is more rare.So even if the value of jadeite has a lot of uncertainty, but there are still a lot of people for the collection of jadeite, stone gambling.Of course, there are many living examples to prove that if jadeite plays well, it can indeed bring you great wealth.Keen on collecting jadeite Liu Xiaoqing also skyrocketed in wealth, with “even if they fall down can make a comeback”.Carina Lau will be jadeite investment as more than investment in real estate is also a convenient way to invest.In 2017, a dating show called “If You Are the One” featured an emerald King.As soon as he came to power, he introduced himself to a jade mine in Myanmar, and his wealth is estimated to be at least ten billion yuan. He also said that in his most profitable period, half an hour to earn a villa, 10 minutes to buy a facade are not out of the question.All talk – accusers, after the man was on the trolley, the car put a heap of jadeite, are all used to present the female guest and host, just sit down on the side of the emotional mentor Huang Lei see spent eyes, is very famous at the “jade king” that speaks well of us said its home is really mine!His own chest also wore a thick pile of jade big card, in the program under the lens, the color of the jade brand is still very good, but it is not a rich imperial green level, but the color is uniform enough green, should also be a valuable boutique goods!The man not only really have jade mine, but also opened a lot of jade finished goods shop, so the people present are in the gossip of his shop the most expensive jade how much money, the man is also the bold answer: 50 million!Then he added: “Which of the other women went with me? All of these are hers.”So a female guest asked: “You are so rich, there must be a lot of girls around you, then how do you tell whether she is after you or money?The man smiled mysteriously and said: I can feel it with my own feeling.Later, another woman asked, “If you have so much money, what are your dreams and goals in life?”This time the man straight answer, directly provoked the female guests at the scene have to put out the lights, he said: “this time on the show is to find a beautiful wife to go home, and then have children, let them inherit all their wealth, even to the children’s villa himself has prepared!”As soon as this remark came out, some female guests refuted: the man only thought about the child from beginning to end, even the villa is prepared for the child first, the wife is not important?The man replied, “Of course my wife is important, but my children are more important. After all, I have so much to inherit from them.”Hearing this, all the female guests thought that the man just treated his wife as a fertility machine, so he finally put out the light until there were only three left, but even so, the man still chose his heart girl to confess, he said that the girl would be very happy to marry her, and they would have many children together.The final result we can imagine, the girl decisively refused the man, he can only regret to leave!In fact, it can be seen from this program that people engaged in the jade industry do have a wealth that makes everyone envy, but in the face of love and marriage, money may not be the only condition, mutual respect and understanding may be more important.