The latest!Public transport in Shijiazhuang has become a regular practice

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In December 2021, Shijiazhuang Jiaotong Investment Group launched eight measures to facilitate public transportation after opening a “free special line for primary school students”. Since the launch of the campaign, it has won widespread praise from the general public and all walks of life.To help build shijiazhuang people proud, let outsiders yearning charm city, citizens actively advocate green travel take public transport priority, meet the demand of citizens to travel to the greatest extent, subject to consent by the study of the municipal party committee, the shijiazhuang trading group optimization to launch public transportation convenient huimin normalized measures, actively create a smooth, civilized, safe and orderly urban traffic environment,We will enhance the people’s sense of gain and happiness.The activity will be on trial from February 16, 2022, and will be adjusted according to citizens’ travel needs and urban construction and development needs.Subway series of convenience measures 1. The “2 yuan enjoy subway” activity, shorten the travel interval and “enjoy” travel free travel activities of the three original convenience measures continue to be implemented.2. Optimize the original convenience measure 1, motor vehicle owners with the last number of the travel restriction on working days to take free rides from the original “People’s Republic of China Motor Vehicle Driving license” to the original “People’s Republic of China Motor Vehicle driving License” or electronic certificate (the motor vehicle information officially recorded by the traffic management department).(1) The elderly (65 years old and above) in the city and other places can ride for free with their id cards.They can also ride for free with their id cards to further facilitate the travel of the elderly.Citizens can go to the customer service center to get the “convenient toilet card”, and use the toilet in and out of the paying area of the station within a specified time through the side door, providing more convenience and better service to the general public.(3) continue to carry out community activities into the monthly organization of personnel into the community, the publicity of preferential policies and safe ride knowledge, face-to-face communication with citizens, a wide range of reasonable suggestions.1. “Primary school students free special line”, “2 yuan transfer free bus”, “green travel day (every Thursday) free bus”, “bus power limit day”, “customized bus” and the establishment of bus line dynamic adjustment mechanism 6 original measures continue to be implemented.2. Optimize 4 original convenience measures (1) “2 yuan transfer and enjoy the bus” activity is optimized to “free transfer and enjoy the bus” activity during the air conditioning period, all buses will still implement 2 yuan free transfer within 4 hours.Non-air-conditioned city area bus 1 yuan free transfer, three districts and a county (Gaocheng, Luquan, Luancheng district and Zhengding County) segmented incremental billing bus line, according to the segmented billing 2 yuan top enjoy free transfer between buses within 4 hours.Special note: A card, monthly card, senior card, mobile scan code payment, due to the special structure of the card, temporarily not participate in this activity, please understand!During the activity, motor vehicle owners with the last number of the travel restriction on weekdays can take the bus for free on the day of the travel restriction by presenting the original “Motor Vehicle Driving License of the People’s Republic of China” or the electronic certificate (motor vehicle information officially recorded by the traffic management department).There are 246 bus routes in Shijiazhuang (” including three districts and one county “bus routes) with no restrictions on the number of trips and times.(3) New free special lines for primary school students On the basis of the 10 free special lines for primary school students opened in December 2021, the general bus company will optimize and adjust 2 existing lines based on the actual operation results, and open 11 new special lines according to the opinions of the education bureau of the five districts in the city (see the appendix for details).Citizens holding A card can exchange it for free.Bus student Shawka enjoy the one-card “free transfer to enjoy the bus” discount, and can be used in the bus, subway.(1) Simplify the procedures for the elderly to apply for the “Respect for the elderly card”, so that citizens who hold non-municipal ID cards over the age of 65 can directly apply for the respect for the elderly card with their ID cards, without the need to provide proof of residence in the city.(2) into the community to do card recharge convenient public transportation company personnel selected every month to carry out ten communities for the elderly card and all kinds of IC card for free and annual inspection, recharge activities, at the same time to promote the people’s initiatives and convenient business, to solicit public passengers.A small step for green travel, a big step for health and environmental protection.Shijiazhuang Communications Investment Group will pay close attention to the changes in passenger flow, arrange transport capacity scientifically and rationally, constantly improve the quality of public transport services, and strive to create a warm and comfortable environment to meet the needs of citizens.At the same time, the general public are urged to cooperate with relevant personnel to check all kinds of cards when taking the subway or bus, and to get on the bus in a safe and orderly manner in accordance with the requirements of normalizing the epidemic prevention and control.1. Originally, there are 10 free bus lines for Primary school students in the main urban area. Xinhua District: Heping West Road Primary School line, Tianyuan Primary School line;Qiaoxi District: Dongfeng West Road primary school line, Hongxing Primary school line;Chang ‘an District: Fanxi Road primary school line, Jianming primary school line;Yuhua District: Shenxing Primary School special line, International City Primary school special line;High-tech Zone: High-tech Zone foreign Language School special line, imagination International primary school special line.2. The Education Bureau proposes to cancel two special lines for yuhua District: international Town Primary School;High-tech Zone: High-tech Zone foreign language School special line.Three, 11 new lines xinhua district: Shizhuang Road primary school special line, Xinkai Road primary school special line;Qiaoxi District: Hongxing Primary School Junyuan Campus special line, Wulizhuang Primary school special line;Chang ‘an District: Heping East Road primary school special line;Yuhua District: Yudong Primary school line, Dongyuan Primary school line, Yuhua Road primary school line;High-tech Zone: high-tech Zone No.2 experimental school special line, high-tech Zone No.3 primary school special line, high-tech Zone No.4 primary school special line.Coordinating editor | large static editing | Peng Xiaozhe producer | Feng Yinghui