Chengdu’s new free mountain climbing holy land, scenery beauty is also very close, no longer need to run to Qingcheng Mountain

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The blue line in the picture is the author’s climbing route. As a typical plain city, Chengdu has almost no mountain resources in the urban area, which is indeed a pity for many Chengdu people who like climbing.Many people go to Qingcheng Mountain on weekends, because it is a good place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but there are many people in Qingcheng Mountain and they have to charge money.Built along the mountain trail looks good viewing platform overlooking the city of mountain reservoir discovered in (not just said cat ditch reservoir) in fact, if regardless of places of interest, from a purely mountain climbing movement, chengdu people can be far and near have completely new options, take the subway can turn a buses don’t climb the fragrant!The place to climb the mountain is in Longquanyi, not yangtianwo fitness trail, is located in Longquanyi Tongan street zixia Mountain, just listen to the name people imagination.The entrance of the scenic spot is relative to the yangtianwo side, the traffic of Zixia Mountain is slightly more remote, so there are relatively few people climbing the mountain, but it is just like that, the feeling of climbing the mountain here is more comfortable, more quiet, completely without the hustle and bustle of the city, the air is quite good.All the hiking paths are paved with stone slabs, wide and clean. The forest coverage rate of Zixia Mountain is higher than that of Yangtian Nest. In summer, there is almost no sun, and there are many benches and pavilions for rest.Stop and go, rise and fall in conquering one mountain after another and finally reached the highest peak – Pointy Mountain.Most of the trails on Zixia Mountain are relatively gentle, except for the steep and narrow section to Maomaogou.It is especially suitable for middle-aged and old friends and people with families.Sharp mountain is the highest mountain after a corner to pointed to the top of the hill, if you don’t want to go back to choose from the cat cat ditch direction down the hill, where the trail the narrow and steep, so we here is the fastest), is not suitable for the elderly and children’s friend, but when you through the cypress woods down to the bottom all the way there will be a surprise waiting for you.Maomaogou reservoir Maomaogou reservoir, back by Zixia Mountain jianjian Mountain is originally below the Maomaogou reservoir, reservoir water area is not large, but the water is clear, glimpsing, castle peak set off.Because the highway leads to the reservoir, there are many fishermen who sit alone by the lake and enjoy fishing, despite the no-fishing signs!After visiting the reservoir, you can walk about one kilometer along the highway to the outside road and take a bus to Luodai or go to Longquan and take the subway back to the city!Hiking trails the SLATE mountain covered with couples that a clean way of rest trails is steep, along the mountain is insufficient to the purple xia mountain cat ditch reservoir is route design is unreasonable, because not familiar with the line after a lot of people got to the top of the mountain can only return to the original road, along the fork, and the lack of guide sign, it is for the visitors don’t like turning back is not friendly.There are few viewing platforms, and the end point is a pavilion.At the same time along the line often see a grave, a person feels a bit gloomy.There is no food or drink to sell on the trail, so make sure you have supplies ready in advance!Have any friends been there?For those of you who haven’t been there and are interested, please post your questions to the Discovery train in the comments section.This cement road to one kilometer to the reservoir, you can also climb the mountain, to the road between Luodai and Longquan city can take 850 bus reservoir water looks very clear