Miluo Court has launched a festival to commemorate the Martyrs of the Revolution

2022-06-03 0 By

“Qingming memory of martyrs” volunteer service activities as a reminder of revolutionary martyrs, to improve the party members political consciousness, ideology and patriotic consciousness, further enhance the party organization cohesive force, on the morning of April 2, Mimi court of party members, young volunteers into the miluo city township as eight martyrs cemetery “qingming memory of martyrs” volunteer service activities.At the scene of the event, party members and young volunteers offered flower baskets to the revolutionary martyrs, bowed in silent tribute, and circled the monument to the heroes for a week. The atmosphere was solemn and solemn, conveying a deep sense of remembrance and admiration.Afterwards, we visited the former residence of General Wu Yongxiang and the exhibition hall of revolutionary deeds.Carved old beds, bamboo deckchairs, rice windmills, through the observation of one piece of old and ancient things, understand the past, deeply understand the mark of the war, understand those arduous and inspiring red stories, inherit the national belief of life and growth.Visit the former residence of General Wu Yongxiang through the theme of the activities, further stimulate the police love the party and patriotism, we have said that will not forget the martyrs, the memory of the feeling into the driving force, adhere to the original aspiration, practice the mission of the new era court police.