Pesticide residue rapid detector, strict safety for agricultural products

2022-06-03 0 By

Crops process often produce pesticide residue problem, applied pesticides if the lack of scientific basis, applied blindly, is easy to produce pesticide residue exceeds bid badly, in order to reduce the phenomenon of excessive pesticide residues, crops relevant departments issued a series of standard limited, but even the most rigorous standard of pesticide residues in crops, there is still residual risk,But if the zero residue standard is implemented, the risk of food shortage will be more serious.Therefore, it is necessary to control agricultural residues in a certain standard range.The rapid detection instrument for pesticide residues is of great significance to understand the content of agricultural residues and regulate the use of pesticides.The application of pesticide residue rapid detector for better control of pesticide residue, strict safety for agricultural products, food safety for consumers to play a certain role in ensuring.Pesticide residue rapid detector is especially suitable for the rapid detection of agricultural products, including in the field, farmers market, family can be used.At the same time, the use of pesticide residue rapid detector is not only convenient for the regulatory authorities but also convenient for the masses, so that the masses into the agricultural residues detection system, which is of great significance to further maintain the safety of agricultural products.