Official announcement: Arsenal have released Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang!Liu Shaoziyang joined the Olympic super team on loan!

2022-06-05 0 By

The transfer window is closed, but not yet.Arsenal have announced the release of captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on their official website.The Arsenal and Aubameyang matter is not said, the fans are understood.His departure could save the club £20m in wage bills.A number of reports have confirmed that Aubameyang will leave Arsenal to join Spanish outfit Barca, who will still be able to register the player as he is a free agent.I just don’t know when the deal will be announced.Let’s wait and see!Bayern Munich have announced the signing of Liu Shaoziyang from Austria to Klagenfurt on loan for one and a half years.And Liu Shaoziyang went to Klagenfu do not know whether to get the appearance time?The team’s first-team goalkeepers, led by the 23 – year – old Roberto Menzel, are untouchable.Despite this, moser, the number two goalkeeper, is on loan and will return to Berlin United at the end of the season. The number three and four goalkeepers are all 19 and 20 year olds, and if Liu Shaoziyang does well, he is expected to become number two.Golf club The R&A announced that Bell will be the team’s ambassador.It is the first time a football player has been appointed as an ambassador for a golf club.Bell, however, has always been an avid golfer, and previously took out interest-free loans to build golf courses.It has been reported that Bell hopes to retire to play golf, but now it seems that Bell is working in that direction, but it is not known how good bell is at golf.Neymar won the Ballon d ‘Or 2021 for the fifth time, more than any other player in the world.Manchester City have announced a contract extension for Antonio Cansello until 2027;The president of Serie a, Giorgio Pinault, has resigned. His proposal to reduce the league to 18 teams and play in the playoffs failed.Well, that’s all for today’s official announcement. See you tomorrow!