SPD Bank actively helps small and micro enterprises to promote seamless loan renewal business

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SPD Bank actively responds to the requirements of regulatory authorities, implements the document deployment of “Notice on Seamless Loan Renewal of Shanghai Banking Industry”, further improves the quality and efficiency of financial services to the real economy, reduces the comprehensive financing cost of small and micro customers, and realizes the seamless connection between loan maturity and loan renewal.In the first quarter of 2022, 2,538 small and micro enterprises (master) have handled seamless loan renewal business of 3.93 billion yuan.In the face of the epidemic in Shanghai since March, the bank’s “loan renewal without repayment” business has become a powerful tool to serve small and micro enterprises to fight the impact of the epidemic.At present, SPD Bank has comprehensively integrated the opinions of the front, middle and background to compile relevant operation manuals, further elaborated and formulated the handling conditions, material requirements and acceptance procedures for the business of non-repayment of principal renewal, actively promoted this business, and ensured that the business should be renewed and the loans should be extended to the full extent.For the small and micro enterprises that meet the conditions for loan renewal without repayment, all operating units under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Branch will contact the borrower before the loan expires and push the borrower to renew the loan without repayment according to the actual needs of the customer.The bank take the zero threshold for renew loans, dealt with zero cost, zero cycle, not to increase lending conditions and guarantee mode, enterprises will renew loans and provide active discharging feeling process guidance, continue to follow up renew loans business acceptance and delivery, timely solve encountered in the process of unexpected problems, to meet the capital requirements of small micro enterprise special period.Recently, due to the impact of the epidemic, a Restaurant chain enterprise headquartered in Shanghai experienced a sharp increase in loan repayment pressure. The Airport Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank recommended the enterprise to renew the loan without repayment, which effectively stabilized the enterprise’s operating cash flow.With high-quality inclusive financial service products and efficient financial services, the Catering enterprise in Shanghai will be helped to deal with the impact of the epidemic.It is worth mentioning that when the epidemic broke out in China at the beginning of 2020, SPD Bank provided the enterprise with a credit line of 8.9 million yuan to help it tide over difficulties.Due to the closed management in the industrial park during the epidemic period, normal operation and collection of funds have been seriously affected.Pudong Development Bank Lujiazui Sub-branch promptly carried out communication and evaluation, and adjusted the batch loan of 4 million yuan stock guarantee fund, which was due on March 24, to “renewed loan without repayment of principal” in a timely manner.The bank overcame the difficulty that many of its employees were quarantined due to the epidemic. Through on-site staff relay operation and online and offline cooperation, the bank successfully completed the loan renewal without principal repayment before the loan was due, and solved the difficulty of enterprise principal repayment and interest payment.In order to ensure that a small and micro enterprise engaged in medical research will not stop its RESEARCH and development work during the epidemic, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub-branch extended the loan of 3 million yuan guarantee fund to the enterprise without repayment of principal.In case of temporary closure of the office of guarantee Fund Center, the bank immediately activated emergency plan and confirmed guarantee opinions through remote witness.At the same time, differentiated loan requirements should be reviewed to complete loan renewal for enterprises on the basis of ensuring controllable credit risks.A high-tech enterprise engaged in bridge, steel, transportation, chemical corrosion prevention business due to the impact of the epidemic, a temporary shortage of front-line workers, the progress of major projects were forced to slow down, the enterprise can not normal payment, there is temporary pressure of capital repayment.Putuo Sub-branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank immediately started the mode of “loan renewal without repayment” for small and micro technology enterprises, initiated credit approval in advance, opened the green channel, and made a single withdrawal. Finally, the loan renewal without repayment was successfully issued one working day before the loan was due, ensuring the normal operation of the enterprise.As in Shanghai area, the first set up small micro enterprise service center of credit bank, Shanghai pudong development bank will continue to deepen the service for the support of small micro enterprises, as key point to promote seamless renew loans orderly conduct of the business, to ease liquidity pressure during outbreak small micro enterprise funds, to quality and efficient service support small micro enterprise outbreak.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai