Can China defeat Japan on its own without the US and Soviet Union going to war?Great men give answers

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An American netizen asked this question: “If the US and the Soviet Union had not entered the war, could China defeat Japan on its own?”For this question, the answer is very obvious, that is “yes”, in fact, as early as the war began, Our great Chairman MAO had already predicted, the United States and the Soviet Union in this war, what role did play?Why is China sure to win?Interested friends like to follow the comments.In 1945, long after Japan’s Allies had surrendered and the Soviet Union had joined the Chinese battlefield, the Kwantung Army in northeast China first learned the concept of crushing combat power.Some people wonder if China could have won the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression without the help of the U.S. and the Soviet Union.Why is this a problem?But it all depends, in the Anti-Japanese War, our economy is relatively backward, no development in industry, but in Japan, they through the reform, the development of the industry have a certain, to be honest, the Japanese combat ability is very strong, otherwise wouldn’t be in the early stage of the Pacific war, let us suffer.The most obvious point is that during the 14-year War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, 1.3 million Japanese died, while 35 million Chinese died. However, after the Soviet Union broke the Treaty between Japan and the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union routed the Japanese army and captured 680,000 Japanese troops in just one month.That’s why some people think China won the war because of the HELP of the US and the Soviet Union.Did China really win the war only because of the atomic bomb and the Soviet Union’s help?But do you think Japan surrendered and China won the war just because of the atomic bomb and Soviet help?Chairman MAO once gave the answer to this question, even without the help of the two countries, our country would have succeeded in winning the war.Why was Chairman MAO so sure?You remember chairman MAO’s long-running debate, the Anti-Japanese War from the start is destined to be a protracted war, and also relates to the survival of our country, if China did not win the victory of the war, so our country will be torn apart, and at the beginning of a war, China has several big warlords, they are on their own turf, self-reliance for the king.These warlords attached great importance to their own interests, even though there was a Kuomintang government at that time, but the Chinese army, with the exception of a few wars, lost all of them.In China also let Japan became arrogant, or even a brigade of the Japanese troops, dare ran after the Chinese army a division, the Japanese do still have bottom spirit, at the very least, their weapons to much advanced than the Chinese army, see this is everyone will think, now that Japan has so many advantages, why also said the Chinese army will win war?First of all, Chairman MAO mentioned in his book On Protracted War that the War of Resistance against Japan will go through three stages: the defensive stage, the stalemate stage and the counter-offensive stage.Chairman MAO in his “on protracted war”, as already mentioned, the war of resistance against Japanese will experience three stages first is defensive stage, the war in the beginning, don’t know about Japan’s strength in our country, especially in that time, our country a lot of people don’t put Japan in the eyes, it has relationship with history between China and Japan, since the tang dynasty, Japan has been a vassal state of our country,No one thought that a defeat would make much waves, and at that time, Chinese people’s thoughts were still in the feudal society, so when the Japanese launched a war, China would take defensive measures to prevent the war from expanding as much as possible.In addition, the war between China and Japan was not only reflected in the battlefield, but also had requirements on military, financial and material resources. Moreover, Japan stood on the opposite side of the world. However, in the early stage of the war, Japan had not fully exposed its nature, so it did not attract the attention of the world.Can on their own to win the victory of the war of China with the enlargement of the war, the Japanese ambition has been exposed, especially with the shock of the nanjing massacre occurred in China, the world recognized the Japanese brutal, but the time is not enough, this time is the Pacific war, when the Pacific war broke out, some western countries have realized the Japanese ambition,And whether it will threaten the interests of other countries in the world, at this time, Our country has also come to a stalemate stage.China and Japan can afford, the areas in our country, large population, but not the same as in Japan, the primary source of their countries lack of waging war, could not have been against the purchase from abroad, it is a great for Japanese consumption, a long time, the domestic economic crisis occurs, will also repels the Japanese people.In the later stages of the Pacific war, Japan gradually exposed the defects, they not only face a lack of supplies, also faces the problem of insufficient strength actually such hunch is correct, in the later stages of the Pacific war, Japan gradually exposed the defects, they not only face a lack of supplies, also faces the problem of insufficient strength, and along with the advancement of the war,Japan was gradually losing in the Taiping Battlefield, and At this time, China also came to the stage of counterattack. The U.S. army also gradually took the initiative in the Pacific battlefield. With the defeat of Germany, the Soviet Union won an overall victory.This matter Japan did not help, they are not far from defeat, so, even without the help of the United States and the Soviet Union, China will win how to do the victory, at this time our people have realized the harm of national destruction, the whole Chinese people under the leadership of the Party united as one, common anti-japanese.Japan did not have the advantage it had in China at the beginning. Our military and people were of one mind. Therefore, even without the help of the United States and the Soviet Union, our people would not be in a passive position.Chinese soldiers and civilians, even without the help of the United States and the Soviet union, our people will not be in a passive position in successive years in Japan had losses of the second reason is 14 years of war to Japan caused great damage, if in military ways, China will be Japan’s most important forces hold entirely, and it consumes more than half in China,But at this time China did not have the help of any country, the United States did not drop the atomic bomb.According to the statistics, the Japanese army spent 1.7 million troops in other parts of the world War II, but 2.874 million troops in China.This shows that the fighting capacity of the Chinese army is not weak.The Japanese had promised to destroy China in three months, but they failed to do so. This shows that although the Japanese launched a war in China, they were not able to completely shake the foundation of China.Japanese a serious shortage of resources, it also causes the they want foreign expansion is limited by a certain cultural background, from Japan’s many cultural customs passed from China, their words, even if the theory of origin in China, so separate relies on the ability of Japanese, impossible to shake the Chinese culture,So there is no such thing as a Japanese occupation of China.Moreover is the Japanese resources grossly inadequate, this has led to the they want foreign expansion is a certain limit, including the raw materials of weapons, such as Japan to build human experimentation base in northeast China, things like that, in their own countries should, but why they are carried out in China?In fact, they simply do not have such resources in the country, whether from the field or from other aspects.Japan launched a war of aggression, hollowed home this last point is entirely on the people of the whole country of Japan’s domestic economic problems, Japan launched a war of aggression, is completely empty by the national people’s money, so Japan to 14 years of war, most of its money from the plunder, but stolen money will one day be useful out, can’t be inexhaustible, whenSo in the event that Japan’s source of power is cut off, which is equivalent to their defeat, China can still afford this period of time.The third reason, the United States and the Soviet Union themselves, do you think the United States and the Soviet Union really want to help our country?During the Korean War, the US obviously had the wrong intention, otherwise why did they attack northeast China, why did the Soviet Union help Vietnam during the counterattack against Vietnam, in fact, to put it bluntly, these two countries did not really want to help China, they just wanted to end WWII quickly.World War II will only be over if Japan is completely defeated. In the early days of world War II, the US secretly sold weapons to Japan, which shows that the US didn’t really want to help. If they really wanted world peace, why would they want to make money from the war?On the Soviet side, in the beginning, the Soviet big brother helped our country a lot, this must be admitted, and the second World War would not be complete until Japan was completely defeated, and the Soviet Union also took a number of Japanese prisoners of war from the northeast.This is a superficial understanding, but it is true that Korea could have defeated Japan without the help of the two countries.