Contracts and disputes over property rights and so on can be online registration | Harbin arbitration service platform

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“At present, the official website of Harbin Arbitration Commission and wechat official account are open for access.”According to Wang Yulun, deputy director of Harbin Arbitration Commission, the intelligent arbitration cloud party service system of Harbin Arbitration Commission has been put into operation in order to improve the efficiency of arbitration.The platform has opened online filing, information announcement, online payment, fee inquiry, case status acquisition, case materials submission, service status, secretary message, invoice function, complaint supervision and other functions.The parties can file arbitration cases online, submit arbitration applications and relevant case materials, and receive relevant notices through the system.You can log in from both PC and mobile phones at the same time, providing users with a new page browsing experience.Wang said the platform provides strong support for arbitration body staff to grasp case information in a timely manner, scientifically manage the progress of cases and improve the quality of case handling.Harzac will continue to optimize the functions of the system and enhance the core capacity of case handling in accordance with the needs of arbitration and dispute resolution, so as to ensure the professionalism, efficiency and credibility of arbitration.Procedure interpretation of online filing system procedure guide for filing operation i. Operation procedure of party online filing system (PC) : 1.Open the browser and enter in the address bar to enter the login interface of the online filing system of Harbin Arbitration Commission.2. If you are not registered, click the key to register as prompted. If you forget your password, click to reset your password and login is successful.3. Click — to fill in the case information.Note: The same account can be used on both PC terminal and mobile terminal at the same time.2. Click and fill in the case content as prompted. Click to create the case.3. After the submission is completed, the case will be filed and wait for the preliminary trial. Click to query the status and details of the case that has been created.5. Mailing materials 6. Filing fees source: Harbin News Network reporter: Guan Guan Editor: Wang Yue