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The Spring Festival will come to the anti-fraud, anti-fraud is also a highlight of the recent ningxia anti-fraud police officer Li Tong accepted an interview to discuss the grass-roots anti-fraud propaganda experience and problems rich understanding of anti-fraud work Character profile Li Tong, The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Wuzhong City Public Security Bureau Sun Shan Police branch.Kuaishou “Tong Tong Police Anti-fraud” has 1.801 million followers.It also opened accounts on platforms such as Douyin and Video number to continue online anti-fraud propaganda.Q You are now a professional with rich experience in offline and online anti-fraud.According to your observation, in real life, which groups have a high rate of fraud?Li Tong: The current network fraud can be said to be regardless of occupation, regardless of age, regardless of gender, regardless of group, all may be the victim group of network fraud.In real life, I think stay-at-home precious mothers, female college students, female teachers, middle-aged men with heavy family responsibilities (lack of money) and single men are all groups with a high rate of being cheated.Years of anti-fraud practice experience tells me that there is a certain relationship between the cheated group and gender, women are more likely to be cheated than men, because women are more perceptual and kind-hearted, especially female friends will lose their rational judgment after falling into love fraud.The notorious “killing pig plate” scam, the main victims are women, and the amount of fraud is unusually large.In addition, the elderly are also a vulnerable group.At present, many of the village is left behind the elderly, the elderly are currently facing two major fraud routines: first, children outside, the elderly alone at home, fraudsters use the elderly miss their children, telephone relatives car accident, kidnapped relatives and other fraud;Second, fraudsters take advantage of the elderly thrifty life, like some small gifts of psychology, into the village to the elderly free eggs, send small household appliances to obtain the trust of the elderly, and then sell counterfeit and shoddy electrical appliances, health care products at high prices.Q: Just now you mentioned “killing pig plate” fraud, and some fraud routines faced by the elderly. Could you tell us about the common fraud methods, methods and routines in your daily contact with fraud cases?Li Tong: Common fraud routines are, specifically for female friends of the network “kill pig plate” fraud, online brushing fraud, online posing as customer service claims fraud;Online nude chat scams targeted at young male friends;Online fake investment scams targeting wealthier male friends;Online loan fraud aimed at male friends who are under great pressure.These common fraud routines are basically to try every means to get your trust, and then pretends to take you to make money take you fly, lure you to the fraud platform, cheat you out of all your property.Q: What do you think are the reasons why people are easily gullible?What kind of life dilemma will people face after being cheated?Li Tong: Swindlers make use of human weakness to create online fraud.As far as I can sum up, people are easily deceived by no other reasons than: greed, lust, lack of money, lack of love.In other words, people magnify their personality flaws online, and when you indulge yourself online, you are particularly vulnerable to fraud.Many people will not choose to report to the police after being cheated, but endure, because being cheated embarrassedly report to the police.This can cause great psychological trauma to the victim, even a lifetime of healing.Many people cheated more or less have psychological problems, which is also a hidden danger of social stability.There is a 40-year-old housewife in my district whose daughter was introduced to a very lucrative online project after she went to college: brushing bills.Her daughter introduced the project to her when she returned home for the holidays, so she and her daughter started to make money by brushing orders without her husband’s knowledge.In less than 10 days, the mother and daughter, who were obsessed with brushing bills, invested more than 300,000 yuan of their family savings and 100,000 yuan of online loans, and were swindled.At present, the mother and daughter are still lying to her husband every day.The trauma of being swindled, the guilt of concealing the truth from her husband, and the regret of letting her mother into the scam haunted her for years.I have counseling sessions with the mother and daughter every once in a while.Once the masses are deceived psychological pressure is very big, ordinary people can hardly feel empathy.Q Anti-fraud work is a war without the smoke of gunpowder, anti-fraud police in order to protect the people’s “money bag”, are working hard in the front line.I would like to ask you, what aspects will the next anti-fraud work focus on?Do you have any specific plans?Li Tong: anti – fraud is a protracted war, anti – fraud propaganda has a long way to go, we must be more brave!Through a period of practice and summary, I realized that the most reasonable mode of anti-fraud propaganda is “offline concentrated anti-fraud lecture + online shooting anti-fraud propaganda works + online anti-fraud live” such an all-round, non-dead Angle anti-fraud mode.Offline can be into the enterprise, into the community, into the school, into the village, accurate so that we learn to anti-fraud knowledge, improve the anti-fraud awareness of the area of the people, to ensure that the area of low electric fraud cases.Online can continue to send force, expand the influence, expand the publicity surface, so that more people across the country to understand the anti-fraud knowledge of fraud, so as to improve the anti-fraud awareness of the whole network of people, reduce the number of electric fraud cases.At present, I have initially formulated some plans, such as: in the morning and afternoon in the area of the area to carry out an offline anti-fraud propaganda lectures, lectures at the same time also online broadcast propaganda, the whole network live lectures, expand the publicity;Online started at half past six every Monday to Thursday night against fraud, through the fraud, and studio people even Michael Shared experience, and network anchor even across the wheat to the host and fans across the propaganda and how to improve the fraud prevention consciousness, let the people know more about Internet fraud, fraud prevention knowledge lie to learning, so as to prevent online fraud;Secondly, every day to squeeze time to organize the enthusiastic masses to shoot anti-fraud propaganda situation drama, lasting force to do a good job of anti-fraud propaganda work.Q: You see, the Chinese New Year is coming. We have more opportunities to visit friends and relatives and communicate with each other.Fraudsters will take the opportunity to implement fraud?Is there anything you’d like to remind us of?Li Tong: Approaching the End of the year, is the period of high incidence of electric fraud cases, swindlers will cheat during the Spring Festival every year.All remind the family: network fraud around us, do a good job to avoid being cheated!Please bear in mind a word: the network is a trap everywhere, not greedy money bad color.Do six no: do not listen to the unknown phone not letter, unknown link not point not turn, not afraid of fraud.Understand one thing: nothing good will fall to you via the Internet. If it does, it’s a trap.Thank you.Source: Legal Network public Opinion Center (ID: FzWYQZX)