Ni Ping mother rare appearance, an old dress sitting on the bench, 90 years old state kind and noble gas

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Big stars are beautiful and versatile, often appear on the stage, looking at the eyes and envy, but sometimes the audience is interested in the parents of stars, with such an excellent child, are the parents better?It is worth mentioning that Ni Ping is a well-known host of CCTV. She has also become an actress, published books and painted pictures. So what does her mother really look like?Television has just started in the 90 s, not the ordinary people home has a TV, working-class can afford a television are government departments, because everyone is not rich, which s so a village there is a TV is good, can show hosted by ni ping is happiness, so call in ni ping to intellectual and easy and affinity of CCTV quickly across great river north and south.Career when most popular ni ping, off-center part his ponytail is her standard, low wave point shirt with red skirt, a mixing modern and western style, wind screen outside their peers will follow her fashion, after all, in which the conservative s CCTV host ni ping is leading the fashion supermodel, selective, now don’t like watching TV at that time also can watch CCTV, there is no TV,At best, there’s a local station that only broadcasts the news.Zhongxiang and ni ping is the best partner, both their achievements, each other become doyen of CCTV, contributing to host world youth and wisdom, now a a into the old lady died, never see two people harmonious cooperation, after retirement, ni ping home when Spring Festival New Year’s day, also bask in a 90 – year – old mother’s picture, it’s like for mother and daughter!The Spring Festival, the famous host ni ping tan old mother photos, I saw stars mother short hair sitting on the sofa, blue cardigan inside take jujube red plaid shirt and sweater, folding to wear clothes for several years and loose trousers, a suit of casual wear comfortable and warm, just ni ping mother is too thin, star daughter hug old mother on the sofa side, between the eyebrow eye so alike.See ni ping mother alone, she was wearing a down jacket and comfortable sweatpants, sitting on a bench in the sun, with her hands on her eyes looking into the distance, in front of the sun shining upon JiuXun old man is so serene, but age big temperament is constant, a look is great beauty when I was younger, you know her daughter’s famous CCTV host, not only beautiful but also talents.Sixty years old Ni Ping self-exposure: in front of 90 years old mother I was still a child.Star Ni Ping and son preference mother in old age to unlock the estrangation, Chinese New Year when the mother and daughter are rare with the frame, this time years static good, also hope that the family with a daughter do not favor sons over daughters, not all the daughters are Ni Ping, choose to forgive the old mother for her pension., ni ping is formerly known as liu ping, to please her mother to the mother’s sex, but didn’t get mom’s heart when they are young, still have sinned against the father, but it doesn’t matter, once in the most difficult of her old mother also help her daughter, grandson just went to abroad with healing, with practical action touched her daughter, finally ni ping and old mother no longer has gap.Ni Ping mother rare appearance, an old dress sitting on the bench, 90 years old state kind and noble gas!To know the daughter when young but pure but beautiful beauty, CCTV was also selected into CCTV when the announcer, there is such a beautiful daughter, mother can be poor?Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact the platform or the author to delete