Hejing, Xinjiang to take 2,500 Holstein cows for home

2022-06-18 0 By

On March 24, the first 750 holstein cow has shipped hejing MoDui town in xinjiang is network – (reporter li jiang correspondent transcribing lala g nabbed dalai lama) “we plan to introduce 2500 holstein cows to make base breeding scale up to 5000 head, further driving around us cultivated area of investment, solve the employment of more than 100 people.”On March 24, a total of 720 imported Holstein cows were brought to the farm of Tianruixiang Animal Husbandry Company in Naimenmodun Town, Hejing County, Xinjiang province.Company farm director Huang Lijun said in an interview.On that day, with a large truck transporting cows slowly leaning on the unloading table, a head of Holstein cows under the guidance of the staff, entered the quarantine area of the farm.As the cows travel long distances, they will be quarantined for 45 days to prevent cross-infection before being placed in a specialist breeding area.At the same time, relevant personnel of Hejing County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will also provide guidance and help in dairy cattle breeding, nursing, breeding and other aspects.It is understood that this batch of cows are imported from New Zealand holstein cows transferred from Gansu Province Qianjin Animal Husbandry, and will continue to be introduced, a total of 2500 cows, officially entered the production stage at the end of May and early June.Holstein dairy cows are currently the world’s highest milk production, feeding the largest number of dairy breed.The selection of imported dairy cows plays a positive role in improving pasture population structure, reducing disease, increasing yield and pasture benefit.