What is ethics in philosophy?Where did you graduate?Employment rate statistics and professional detailed interpretation

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The third major of philosophy is ethics. Today, I will introduce ethics.Ethics is a secondary discipline under philosophy. Its professional background is to cultivate high-level talents with noble moral qualities, extensive scientific and cultural knowledge, and qualified for various undertakings related to ethics, ideology and politics.Ethics requires candidates to have a good command of Chinese, foreign languages, computer and other basic professional threshold.The main courses for undergraduates are Marxist philosophy principles, History of Western philosophy, History of Chinese philosophy, management philosophy, philosophy of science and technology, Introduction to Religion, Principles of Aesthetics, Principles of Ethics, History of Chinese ethical thoughts, History of Western ethical thoughts, original code of ethics, applied ethics and so on.Philosophy major, including ethics, really belong to the cold major, but just because it is cold, the number of people reading less, less competition, easy to get results.I have a classmate, is read philosophy major at the university of suzhou, focus on ethics, graduated from Dr, first in home a rise only this university as a teacher, professional attainments deep, noble personality, for his achievements and reputation in the domestic industry, the domestic top 985 university high pay invite him, he did not go,He hopes to contribute what he has learned to his hometown, which is the western region.Later was the organization department of the provincial party committee to top talent reuse, now is a prefectural propaganda minister in the west.The career direction of ethics is very good. First, graduate school is not very competitive, just like other majors of philosophy. As long as you get the upper and middle grades, you can easily be admitted to a very good university.The second is to work in organs, undertakings, enterprises, communities and other places engaged in the construction of spiritual civilization or management cadres, or very competent.The employment rate has been above 65% in recent years.Go to organs, enterprises, communities engaged in the construction of spiritual civilization and management cadres.With the development of social politics, economy, culture and science and technology, the theory of ethics is gradually improved in the process of differentiation and integration, opposition and integration, and its research field is also expanding, and the social value of ethics will continue to improve.There are nearly 50 universities offering ethics, among which Peking University and Fudan University are A+ disciplines.The combination of ethics and life is still very precise, especially when reading Ethics and Life, many of the cases are very interesting, giving people a different way of thinking and understanding.For example, the traditional above theft is wrong, but when a person is in danger of life, just have a car, if not pulled, he for life to drive away the car, it is not theft.There are many more cases like this.I think it would be a good life for a person who is interested in ethics if his life is safe.