Xiao zhanfang denies amour with Li Qin, look forward to new play.You guys are looking for a relationship but Shaw is all about his career

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On the seventh day of the New Year, I believe many friends have returned to their own jobs.Start the work arrangement for the New Year.Today, the TV drama “Dream of the sea” officially announced the starring role.The play tells the story of a group of Beijing youth in the 1970s pursuing their dreams and growing up.From makeup to makeup, the actors were dressed with a sense of age.The artistic atmosphere is quite strong, looking at the photos into a strong feeling, can not help but let everyone very looking forward to the start of this work.”The dream of the sea” by Xiao Zhan, Li Qin led the era of emotional drama.Some netizens who follow Xiao Zhan found that “The Sea in My Dream” is the fourth collaboration between Xiao Zhan and Li Qin.Xiao zhan and Li Qin have worked together on dramas such as “Your Highness the Wolf” and “Jade Dynasty”.Xiao Zhan is the top star of the entertainment circle.Despite his low-key style, Xiao zhan still attracts the same attention from netizens and fans.The pairing of Xiao Zhan and Li Qin in “The Sea of Dreams” has sparked heated discussion among netizens.Li Qin is also a well-known actress.The level of appearance and acting are still good.As a result of their many times of cooperation, good netizens spread two people’s love affair.This time, “The Dream of the Sea” after the official announcement of the leading role in the scandal appeared.Xiao War fake team quickly sent micro blog to dispel rumors xiao War, Li Qin love.This has been the third time xiao Zhanfang refuted rumors and Li Qin’s amour.Actually Li Qin and xiao Zhan cooperate for many times, private relation is really pretty good.But it’s not a “lover” relationship.It’s just brother and sister.And the interaction of Xiao Zhan and Li Qin all along is frank.Although couples are often portrayed, there is no romantic relationship.Just friend relation is misunderstood however, no matter be xiao Zhan or Li Qin must be very troubled.Xiao Zhan beat false squad quickly refute the rumor is also to “amour” the influence of scandal to Xiao Zhan and Li Qin is minimized.Compared with Xiao Zhan and Li Qin’s imaginary “love”.Keep your eyes on their latest film, The Sea of Dreams.Once again, I remind you to be sensible.Don’t bring it to the actors because of the film and television plot, you can knock CP, but don’t make too much understanding of the plot arrangement.Don’t cause unnecessary trouble for your favorite stars.