Hummingbird Workshop | What works of art will emerge from the collision of soft silver and resolute bronze?

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The silver pot is as bright as a bright moon, pure and white, simple and elegant, just like a charming prince charming, and the bronze is as lofty, mysterious and solemn, with delightful colors, just like a thriving happiness.If you collide the softness of silver with the fortitude of bronze, will you think of what is the most beautiful silver pot?The silver pot is made of copper coated silver technology, which is forged by the silversmith by hand and has the beauty of strong and flexible quality.What is copper clad in silver?Copper coated with silver is made by combining copper and silver, two metals with different ductibility, with one hammer and one chisel until they are completely fitted together. Forging is extremely difficult, and few craftsmen are able to master this technology at present.An excellent copper coated silver pot not only requires a highly accurate proportion of copper and silver semi-finished products, but also needs to go through many production processes such as beating and quenching processing to complete a good copper coated silver pot.This includes the high difficulty of the craft, high intensity of time, high pressure in the heart, to create, not ordinary craftsmen can and.Because, so thin metal sheet forging into one, very test beat kung fu, a careless, slightly do not fit the metal sheet may be broken.If it is damaged in the beating, it can only be re-forged.Hummingbird workshop, copper coated silver dragon feng xiangyun, made by six craftsmen cunhai, gold and silver wrong insetting experts, good at using gold, silver and copper material structure fine pictures.The front and back of the pot are carved with dragon and phoenix patterns. The dragon is the long of scales and insects, and the phoenix is the king of birds. The dragon flies and is supernatural, the feng is elegant and auspicious, and the combination of dragon and phoenix means good and auspicious.The body chisel is engraved with wandering dragon pattern, chisel is elaborately carved, the shape is vivid, the pen is smooth and natural, the gold is inlaid with longan, the eyes are bright and vivid, the dragon body adopts the cutting method, the copper is removed and the longlin pattern is engraved on the chisel, and the design style is pure silver, the copper and silver are integrated extremely, and the texture is more prominent under the light.Moreover, it has to be mentioned that the complexity and difficulty of dragon carving can be imagined. The orderly arrangement of Dragon lines is quite high in imitation. Each line pattern is purely manually embedded and then assembled into a vivid dragon body, which is a very obscure test of the craftsman’s grasp of patterns and intangible heritage carving skills.On the other side of the body is a phoenix pattern, with the meaning of happiness, reunion and happiness. The phoenix eye is decorated with gold, and the phoenix body is embedded with fengwen Lin piece. The material is pure silver, and the phoenix tail is embedded with silver wings.Longxingjian, Fengxiang match, god beast god bird, proudly in the sky.As a traditional Auspicious pattern in China, it has an irreplaceable first place in people’s mind, which means auspiciousness and happiness.Hummingbird Workshop, a national intangible cultural heritage project promotion brand, the designated cooperative unit of Korea Tea Ware Celebrities Association, focuses on the production and research and development of handmade gold and silver POTS, tea ware cultural creation bronze ware, tin ware, and lacquer tea ware.We insist on using Dachang silver and national standard No. 1 silver 9999 as raw materials to make POTS. The forging of every silver pot in hummingbird Workshop is not only the inheritance of culture but also the innovation of design, but also the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.