Zhou Xun, 48, said she lives alone and never orders food online for fear of being hurt by strangers

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In today’s increasingly difficult world of solo travel, many women choose to protect themselves in various ways when living alone, and celebrities are no exception.Zhou Xun, 48, talked about her solitary life in the program, which has sparked heated discussion among netizens.In the program, Zhou xun revealed that she never orders food online for fear of being hurt by strangers.See Zhou Xun’s speech, it is estimated that many women feel the same way.It’s too dangerous for a woman to live alone these days.Not only are they vulnerable to revenge from neighbors or ex-boyfriends, but they’re also vulnerable to attacks from strangers they’ve never met.This is not persecutory paranoia. This has been in the news many times before.As a star, Zhou Xun is more vulnerable to the attention of various fans, black fans and even the media.But for many ordinary people, it’s hard to imagine a life where you can’t even order takeout.Indeed, if a malicious takeout little brother opened the door and found that it was Zhou Xun who lived inside.No matter what happens, her home address is likely to be exposed. To protect her privacy, Zhou xun’s actions are understandable.Although Zhou xun now lives alone, she and her ex-husband gao Shengyuan divorced only a few years ago.After divorce zhou Xun’s ex-husband comes out amour, and Zhou Xun herself is also exposed with young boyfriend outstanding good thing is close to 13 years old.Although now Zhou Xun’s solitary life is very boring, but later married with Excellence, the sweet life of the two people must be much more interesting and safe than now.Although Zhou xun is 48 years old, her previous relationships are still the gossip of the Internet.Network spread zhou had nine affection experience, in the nine affection experience has made her forget, there is also a very regret, after so much love, many netizens think zhou xun now treat love attitude should be Buddha department, but her heart is still very much believe in love, eager to love and be loved, want to be able to love from others.Just like this, Zhou Xun is very afraid of loneliness. Living alone is lonely and boring for her.However, although living alone is boring and lonely, it brings me a lot of convenience. I don’t need to consider the feelings and ideas of my other half. I can do things directly with my heart.If a person is lonely, he can call three or five friends, go out to dinner and drink, and also call his girlfriends to play at his home at any time, without worrying about disturbing his other half.Therefore, living alone is a double-edged sword. Some people are perfectly comfortable living alone, while others can’t stand it.What is your attitude towards living alone?Do you like living alone?Feel free to share in the comments.