Putin’s plane has not yet landed, Biden announced a high-profile surge of troops in Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine war must be fought?

2022-06-26 0 By

As Putin flew to Beijing for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the United States decided to deploy 3,000 more troops near Eastern Europe to avoid a possible crisis from Russia, according to media reports.The White House also stressed that the soldiers would not cross into Ukraine.I’m afraid that chilled Ukraine’s heart.It seems that Russia’s heavy military pressure, the United States threatened sanctions, Russia is indifferent, Ukraine has played back, France and Germany’s “betrayal”, to the United States caused no small pressure.And the surge, is the United States to strengthen the performance of deterrence against Russia.Biden reportedly said the deployment was in response to a challenge from Russia, and that the US would work with European Allies to respond if Russia dared to carry out further military action against Ukraine.The U.S. military said it was sending a message to Russia about the importance of NATO to the United States and its Allies.The U.S. military is well aware that NATO’s actions upset Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the U.S. will “vigorously defend NATO” as an ally.Poland’s defense Minister also said the current U.S. deployment is a sign of strengthening NATO unity.NATO applauded the US move, saying its actions against Russia were “defensive” and consistent with the situation.The White House has stressed that us forces are only on high alert and will not go into combat in Ukraine. The move is simply a way for the US to reassure its Allies.Despite years of sanctions by the US and the EU, Russia still supplies energy to European countries, so external threats from the US mean little to Russia, the UK media added.Despite several rounds of talks between Russia and the West, the two sides have been mutually compromising over Ukraine, leading Russia to abandon diplomatic efforts.After the failure of the talks, Britain turned to blaming Russia as an American ally, but Russia denied it was “invading” Ukraine and ridiculed British politicians for their ignorance.Russia has also stressed to Britain that NATO has not responded to security concerns.In Europe, however, only Britain’s dance to beauty is evident.France, for its part, is trying to avoid tensions by talking to Russia.Germany, constrained by the Nord Stream ii project, also wants to hold talks with Russia to resolve the issue through peaceful negotiations.Putin spoke for the first time about the failure of talks on the conflict with Ukraine on February 1, saying Russia’s main demands had not been taken up by the United States and NATO.Putin believes Ukraine is being used as a tool for the U.S. to contain Russia, and that the U.S. doesn’t really care about Ukraine’s security.Subsequently, Russia continued to hope that the issue could be resolved through negotiations, but hoped that the United States and other Western countries could consider Russia’s demands.Some sources refer to: Guanchan.com