After the New Year, the trench coat is making a comeback

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Early spring season, the sun just, the temperature is gentle, the classic all-match windbreaker with its loose profile and agile lines, contracting the charm of the whole spring.The wearing method of windbreaker has 10 thousand kinds, or it is free and easy along with sex, or it is elegant charm, no matter what kind of style you like, can find in windbreaker the collocation that agrees with oneself most.Don’t need to keep buying clothes, also don’t have to rack their brains to think how to match, take out sa beautiful have type windbreaker, let it activate your entire wardrobe, simple and effortless senior sense, so easy to play.In this article, Kitty will start with the three styles of trench coats and explain in detail how to wear them in spring.How to wear the first windbreaker of spring?This is a fashion and temperament, quickly with the cat sister to watch it.> > The classic style of simple atmosphere entry level windbreaker, of course, is simple and classic style, its basic characteristics are: simple tailoring, version fit, with a large lapel design, fabric pendant and moderate hardness, the style of the capable atmosphere can be discerned at a glance.Some classic styles of windbreaker will also have epaulettes, guns and other decorative elements, we can choose according to their own situation.To sum up, the performance style of the classic style trench coat is not fixed. What it emphasizes most is a sense of fit with a degree of relaxation. Through the silhouette cutting of loose straight tube, the wearer can stretch his body freely.But with the right shoulder line and the design of narrow recessed sleeves, it naturally fits the body.Tough and capable version, all the time is emphasizing wearing incomparable strong aura.For the classic trench coat, the key to wearing it in spring is to wear style.It is precisely because the classic trench coat is so versatile and practical that if it were worn on average, it would fall into a rut.So when we try this kind of trench coat, we should pay attention to the style of the first place.If you’re looking for a subtle Nordic minimalist look, top it off with a black top, white jeans and black loafers.With neat updo hair, cool sunglasses and gold necklace and irregular waist design, everything from the collocation to the details did not drop water.Like the style that day fastens wen wan, half skirt of bud silk of a gentle and refined straight tube can explain the elegant character of light ripe female perfectly.Black bud silk half skirt, write the comfortable temperament of small woman with low-key and luxuriant posture, match with the windcoat of forthright sex and classical stripe unlined upper garment, handsome and understanding appear one integrated whole, foil those who wear a person do not have amorous feelings, who see can not praise a charming?Classic trench coat how to wear a high-level sense of the second move is to adjust the color.Khaki windbreaker because of the smooth tone of the atmosphere, so almost suitable for girls of all colors, but for the color of the windbreaker, it is more difficult to wear, so we should pay attention to the harmony of color.For example, the indigo blue windbreaker in the picture above is breath-taking with the depth of the sea and the vastness of the starry sky. Dark blue is not suitable for matching with dark clothes, which is easy to look dull.White vest and printed half skirt, with gentle light color and calm blue windbreaker, freeze the beautiful moment.② Collocation template: windbreaker + wide-leg suit pants classic windbreaker can be matched with any single item.If you want to wear an effortless fashion, it is recommended to use versatile and handsome suit pants to do the collocation, khaki windbreaker + black straight leg suit pants, simple and straightforward without losing the decent demeanor of a big woman, wear sandals that show your feet, quite a French lazy style;Change into black square high heels, ti tong have type, pity your elegant, win quietly.After the New Year, the trench coat is making a comeback. Instead of catching the fashion mentioned above, the key is to enhance the temperament.> > The characteristics of neutral wind trench coat are: Oversize version, loose and lazy, has a strong inclusive figure;Most of the length is above the knee, the fabric is stiff and stylish, the cotton content is high, and there is basically no decoration, focusing on showing women’s sense of power and urban sense of atmosphere and silence.Neutral trench coat is also the most can wear a niang man balance advanced sense of style.① Collocation strategy to avoid line occlusion at the ankle.Trench coat, with a more androgynous style version has bone crisp, sense of quantity is large, can, in a dress, on the basis of the principle of balance to learn if the bottoms choose to mop the floor covering the ankle position trousers, combination + long suspected of limited procrastination, so as far as possible will be treated as the line of ankle clean, a long neutral dust coat + nine points black pants, black loafers,Show tall show thin at the same time also holding the Style of British handsome wind, senior texture is self-evident.In order to reconcile too strong masculinity, when wearing neuter windbreaker, you can also choose to have feminine elements for balance.For example: deep khaqi lubricious windcoat + deep blue straight canister jeans, composed colour will wenwen elegant college ethos qualitative performance acme, roll the pant leg of jeans on the edge go, for integral infuse a few minutes languid is lazy along with a sex.The whole body is neuter change sheet is tasted, a pair of gules ballet sheet shoe joins among them, have the effect of 4 2 dials 1000 catties, will lively and nifty girl atmosphere feeling carry on the agenda, good-looking eye-catching.② Collocation template: windbreaker + jeans + high heels profile windbreaker smother the United States, but the weight is too heavy, easy to pull down the visual center of gravity of the wearer, at this time we should choose nine points jeans and high heels to lift the visual center of gravity, handle delicate, maintain the overall sense of tightness combined with proportion.The khaki patchwork trench coat is paired with white jeans and high heels, and the shape of the shoes will outline the curve of the instep to smooth sexy, easy to see.Like a little more languid style, can change the pointy high heels for square toe ballet shoes, will also be instep and ankle joint exposed, wear an incomparable elegant temperament.> > Gentle elegant feminine style gentle taste of the windbreaker needs to meet: fabric pendant, version of slim, emphasize the waist line, highlight the characteristics of female curvy.If stylist eye is original, still can be in original building linear line, join hazy curve design will show sexy woman flavour, for example the detail design of sleeve of lantern sleeve, small lapel, horn, can depict female characteristic come out.When wearing this kind of windbreaker, you need to use some exquisite elements with it to jointly foil the charming atmosphere.A black waist trench coat, the straight lines of the trench coat wrap the exquisite figure, every gesture and step to show sexy feelings, wearing a golden necklace, carrying a briefcase, wearing white high heels, delicate ornament makes the cold atmosphere of the big woman hair.Change into khaki color windbreaker, composed and chilly momentum a few minutes more, add the ornament of wave point silk scarf, black top hat, black high-heeled shoes, the elegant feeling of advanced modern is more filled.(2) Collocation template: windbreaker + dress trim style windbreaker has preconceived to express the feminine flavor of the thick feelings honey meaning, so directly choose skirt with the overall style is the most sensible choice.Cherry pink windbreaker + thin grey gauze skirt, gentle and intellectual with bursts of miscellaneous style unique scholarly atmosphere, more and more attractive;Girls who like noble introspection style, choose khaki windcoat + white pearl silk long skirt, the light luxurious luster of skirt sublimation of the overall texture, how a senior.After the New Year trench coat “comeback”, like the above style not to say, the key is to enhance the temperament.I hope this article can give you some ideas about how to wear clothes. 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