Beijing Normal University pan advocates real estate prices said

2022-07-11 0 By

Recently, dong Fan, a famous real estate industry veteran and director of the Real Estate Research Center at Beijing Normal University, once again said that the principle of housing prices is to rise, and only in special circumstances such as war, plague and earthquake population migration will fall, which is the regular academic answer.It’s not that housing prices can’t fall, it’s that they don’t fall under normal circumstances, especially given China’s high economic growth, social stability and growing population.A good pan, he seems to have been eating and drinking a lot, and to be hysterical.I do not know what power to understand Pan anxious into this way, has given up as the director of the Real estate research center of Beijing Normal University face skin and self-esteem, desperate, desperate, to scratch the ear scratching cheek, fire monkey ass.It can be said that “people die for money, birds die for food”, have to admire this dark truth.Vivid, vivid, lifelike.Hit the nail on the head, deep in the bone marrow!Economic theory tells us that the fluctuation of commodity price around value is the concrete embodiment of the law of value, and it is normal.Housing as one of the myriad commodities, its operation is naturally in accordance with the law of value, up and down, no blame.However, understand pan but completely deny the existence of the law of value and effect, a hard rhetoric, blindly advocate housing prices rise, a little ulterior motive.It’s called a formal academic answer.No wonder netizens ridicule Pan one day do not sell real estate can not sleep, do not know pan how many sets of buildings in your hands?How many houses do you really have to sell?Have a netizen to say, the person on one hundred various, like understand pan of flow, don’t door different, don’t know how many fake wine to drink, give him excited all day clamorous huhuhu thing, hui run north and south, wow words and frightening, net net all by him make the dog and dog restless.Do you understand pan’s attempts to inflate the real estate bubble?Or do you want to continue with the legacy?I don’t know what the motive is.In a small way, it was for rations and sacks;Broadly speaking, he has an ulterior motive.As we all know, the real estate bubble is piling up, and it is very dangerous.Interested parties are treading on thin ice, carefully care for the real estate.Put it in the mouth for fear of melting, put it in the hand for fear of touching, put it on the ground for fear of breaking.Lest the real estate bubble burst suddenly one day, crashing down, hurting innocent people, and other industries fall flat, emptying their pockets and adding several degrees of obstruction to the empty joy of these decades.Especially after the epidemic, people finally calm down.Precipitated temperament, let people no longer like the past as fanatical chasing some dream bubble.People have returned to reality from the chase of real estate bubble, one by one know what is true, good and beautiful, know what is false and ugly, more know what is false and empty!After the disaster, people’s cognition has been further purified, people’s realm has been further sublimated.People who saw through the world of mortals gradually withdrew from the army of real estate speculation, especially after the Occurrence of Evergrande event, it can be said that a bolt from the blue, people finally woke up from the nightmare of real estate speculation.Originally, the inflated property prices are a mirage, is a dream bubble!