“Night Time Story” 09: plant big thousand heart bud, get big thousand world

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Writing/Night Chen · Henan Zhengzhou editor/Yufu · Tianjin Hedong like what, what is beautiful;What you believe in is worth it.In addition to birth and talent, the acquired “three views” are very important.All of this is mainly rooted in inner learning and self-discipline.When I went to the mall with my wife, she saw the dazzling array of clothes. She was talking about GUCCI, PRADA, DIOR and Hermes, which country they came from, which fabric they were made by, which celebrity they were worn by, and which market they were on sale.But in my eyes, all I see are clothes, clothes, clothes, if you pay attention, white shirt, pink skirt, blue jacket…Walk me to the bookstore, and wow, I’ll say excitedly, look here’s Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, a divine work I’ve been reading for years;This is Sophie’s World, an introduction to philosophy, my primer;This is Peking University drunk xia Kong Qingdong’s “Peking University room 407”, very interesting;This is Maugham’s The Moon and Sixpence, the life of an ordinary man…But in the daughter-in-law’s eyes, maybe she is not interested in these, see only books, books, books, at most philosophy books, literature books, history books…This is not to say that knowing more famous brands leads to taste and reading more books leads to culture;Taste is hidden in behavior, culture is reflected in moral cultivation, famous brands and books are only media.What I’m trying to say is, why do some people see the same thing so passionately and so quickly that it burns from the inside out, while others don’t see it and it doesn’t stir their hearts?Of course, there are interests, hobbies, skills, differences in temperament, living areas and other factors, after all, the east is not bright, the west is bright, this flower does not open his flowers.Face fills the colorful world, however, wither inner challenge at any time in your life, and who don’t want to more to appreciate the beauty of the whole vientiane, swim mountain river yue today, tomorrow to play flower, we assure you verses, make unique romance nativity, another day to watch film and television, daily listening to gossip of Chinese opera, put life into a trip to show the face, always interested, is a shrine.When Wang Yangming went out with his friends, his friend pointed to the flowers and trees in the mountains and asked him, “You said, ‘there are no external things in the world’, so the trees opened and fell spontaneously in the mountains, what does that mean to me?”Wang Yangming replied, “When you do not look at the flower, the flower is silent with your heart. When you look at the flower, you will immediately understand its color, and you will know that the flower is not outside your heart.”Yeah, no flowers in my heart, no flowers in my eyes.We often say, “The world is so big I want to see it.”However, for a heart without the world of people, look at the world and can see how much.We also say that experts watch the business while amateurs watch the fun.Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy cannot be appreciated, Mozart’s music cannot be listened to, Michelangelo’s sculpture cannot be looked at. What good is it to look at and listen to?Did I just see it at first sight.People alive, or to plant more heart buds, as many beautiful things to dabble in some, try, sow the seeds in the heart, over time, it will take root and germinate, beauty planted in the heart, can be printed in the world.By extension, why do some people treat the same thing with compassion and tolerance, while others fight with hatred and death?Here, it does not mean that compassion and hatred are equal. Who is superior?I just want to say that the world grows as the heart sows.Looking at Mount Lushan on the eastern slope, he once said, “When viewed from the horizontal, the mountain becomes a peak on the side, which is different from the near and far.” He expressed that people see different sceneries from different perspectives.However, even if we stand in the same perspective, each of us will see different scenery. Can we change it? “If you see a mountain as a peak, one thousand people will see different mountains”.This is a little contrary to the objective law, but if we apply the life realm of “a mountain is a mountain, a mountain is not a mountain, a mountain is still a mountain”, we can roughly say the past.There is nothing outside the mind.Kind of big thousand heart bud big thousand world, at the same time, but also the heart bud planted on the soil of the true, good and beautiful, so see the big thousand world, is true, good and beautiful.The night was made on the night of August 18, 2017. His real name is Zhang Yechen, “after 80”. He was born in Lucheng.To work to sharpen his ambition, to read and practice, to meet friends with articles, to cultivate the mind, to seek life, has published a number of personal works.