This calligraphy, it has soul

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Dong Qichang, styled Xuan Zai, alias Si Bai, alias Xiang Guang Lay shi, songjiang Huating (now Shanghai) people.Late Ming dynasty minister, calligrapher and painter.Dong Qichang’s paintings and painting theory had a profound influence on the painting world in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties.”Dong Qichang advocated learning from the ancient to change the ancient, but he had more superstitious ideas on the charm of calligraphy than the ancients.”This volume yueyang Tower Records was written by Fan Zhongyan in the Northern Song Dynasty. Dong Qichang was 55 years old when he wrote it in 1609, the thirty-seventh year of wanli in the Ming Dynasty.The work is 37.6cm in length and 1499.5cm in breadth. It was written when he was out of work four months before filling in for fuzhou deputy envoy.It’s all in one piece, and it’s exquisite.In Dong Qichang’s pen, every word seems to be filled with soul.Take a look.