In 2021, the latest GDP will be released, and China will break the $17 trillion mark. What is the situation in the United States?

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Last year’s GDP figures are out.China’s growth reached 18% in the first quarter, nearly 8% in the second quarter, nearly 5% in the third quarter and 4% in the fourth quarter, with a year-on-year growth of 8.1%.Our economy as a whole You might think that in the fourth quarter, our economy as a whole looked a little weaker.But we must face up to our reality. At the end of last year, the development rate of China’s real estate economy, including the manufacturing industry, was relatively slow.Many construction industries are also slowing down.In addition, the epidemic was still serious at the end of last year, so the growth rate of 4% is not bad.Last year, China’s TOTAL GDP of RMB was more than 11.4 billion, which is the second time to break 10 billion yuan.You know, these years have been shrouded by the epidemic. Without the impact of the epidemic, what would have been China’s report card at the end of last year?Among them, China’s industry and manufacturing accounted for a higher proportion.Became a very important economic pillar.In particular, the new energy vehicle sector saw a year-on-year growth of more than 145%.This is definitely a big step forward for the whole high-tech field.This is also an important factor driving China’s GDP growth.▲ Converting RMB into US dollars then convert China’s GDP into US dollars, of course, because it is the conversion of GDP, then it is also calculated in accordance with the whole year, according to the exchange rate after calculation, China’s GDP also reached 18 trillion US dollars.That’s 80 percent of the United States.The year before, our GDP was less than 1.5 trillion dollars.Just a short year, can achieve such excellent results, can be said to be quite rare.So there are people who are very curious.What about the total U.S. GDP last year?The U.S. doesn’t have data on U.S. GDP yet, but it’s not hard to guess, as we can roughly extrapolate from previous years.But last year there was a lot of money issuance in the United States, which had a certain inflationary impact.Their combined GDP could have reached $24 trillion last year.In this way, the gap between China and the United States has become much smaller. Compared with many other countries, this is beyond their reach.In this regard, China has great potential to show.As for whether China’s total GDP will surpass that of the United States in the future, we have a very clear answer in mind.China’s per capita GDP is also quite good.Last year’s per capita GDP has exceeded 80,000 yuan, of course, this does not mean that everyone’s salary reached 80,000 yuan, but our per capita output value.What he predicts is the state of China’s overall macro economy, which is also a very important indicator to measure China’s economic development.It is also a judgment of China’s standard of living, which is usually judged in combination with per capita purchasing power.The national average per capita income is at the disposal of about 3,000, so the overall consumption capacity of the Chinese people is relatively good.In the future development, we should pay more attention to the development of science and technology.But at this time, of course, we can not be complacent, our country into an ideal state there is a very long way to go.In the process of our continuous progress, we also need to constantly reflect, no one is perfect, the country is the same, we are constantly working towards a better direction.