15 documentaries that have been critically acclaimed!Take the baby to see the world at home on weekends!(With video source)

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In the screen age, children can watch more than Pleasant Goat, Xiong Daxiong 2…In the snowy night, children watch the world, animals, history, and nature together to understand the mysteries of nature, increase their humanistic knowledge, and improve their aesthetic ability.1, Chinese ancient poetry animation children must see the Chinese style animation: ancient poems do not have to back, read the natural will!So far, there have been 5 episodes of “Chinese Choir” series. As non-profit animations, although the length of each animation is less than 10 minutes, its creation cycle is more than half a year.The douban rating for each episode is generally 9.0 or above.This batch of animation original hand-painted, entirely independent from the China’s youth team in the stories, scenes, characters, dress is according to the historical documents, repeated textual research on change, as to the details on the maximum reduction when historical scene, make the film become not only a story of animation works, more become a observation can be a time of scrolls.2. The best documentary of human history in hexi Corridor, a second through time and Space, hexi Corridor, a road to civilization, a magnificent epic.When Zhang Qian, a very pioneering and adventurous envoy of the Han Empire, explored the western regions, this narrow and long passage stretching west of the Yellow River began to become a journey of golden chariots and iron horses, an ancient road for business travel, and an international channel for the integration and collision of Chinese and western cultures.A documentary film creation team full of dreams on this ancient and great channel, three years, rip gorgeous moment on the hexi corridor, in the form of epic chronicle, across han, three kingdoms, jin, sui and tang dynasties, yuan, Ming and qing dynasty, the republic of China and the new China, system combed the hexi corridor and even the whole history of western China,Showing its magnificent, brilliant and desolate spanning thousands of years.Bilibili, Tencent Video, Youku Video…National treasure 3, if can talk 5 minutes per episode, has broadcast three quarters “national treasure if talking”, a total of 100 sets, can be divided into four seasons, which produced by CCTV channel record of variety show, 100 will be China’s “city of the great powers” enrichment in every five minutes of the documentary, through the ancient and modern dynasty, visitation, sages, todayTell the legendary stories and twists and turns behind the national treasure, find the soul of The Chinese, appreciate the immortal value and charm of the Chinese national treasure.For the documentary, the team traveled all over China, photographing nearly 100 museums and archaeological institutes, and more than 50 archaeological sites.The documentary does not render curious and mysterious twists and turns, and avoids cold academic narration.Cultural relics use easy to understand language and equal dialogue with the audience, “tell” happened in their own legend.Bilibilie…The enjoyment of looking down on the human world from the sky has long ceased to be the privilege of birds.Through Aerial China, many people saw the top view of the vast China.In the first season, people from Xinjiang, Hainan, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi, Jiangxi and Shanghai saw their hometowns in high definition.For the second season, the crew traveled to Zhejiang, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangsu.In the third season, it went directly to 10 provinces/municipalities/autonomous regions, including Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Ningxia.Bilibilie…Dynasties is the latest BBC natural history documentary, chronicling the complex machinations, rivalries and tender feelings of the animal world.Introduce your child to the competition and warmth of the animal world.The main characters are: chimpanzees in Senegal, West Africa; emperor penguins in the polar ice fields of Antarctica; lions in the steppes of Kenya; wolves in the plains of Africa; and tigers in the Banda Ghar reserve of India.It tells the story of five endangered animal families, not only facing the family crisis surrounded by strong enemies, but also the survival crisis brought by environmental change and human activities.Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the 92-year-old BBC veteran who has worked for the BBC for 65 years, scored a whopping 9.7 on Douban shortly after the broadcast.He served as the narrator of the god level documentary, really is to see a less.Planet Earth II includes islands, mountains, tropical rain forests, ice and Snow, and harmonious urban life between humans and animals.”, looking at the earth from god’s point of view, bringing all kinds of living things to the human eye.There are polar bears who turn half their fat into milk during the long winter.There are migratory ducks all over the world…In this documentary series, the real images are more impressive than the special effects of Hollywood blockbusters.Douban’s near perfect score tells us that this is probably the best nature documentary we’ve ever seen.Warm hint: the first set “small Marine iguana life and death escape” snake chase and kill small iguana that is cruel and terrible, the proposal to skip.7, Beautiful China, co-produced by CCTV and BBC, a total of 6 episodes, this is a film about the beauty of China from the perspective of foreigners. The perspective of China in the eyes of foreign filmmakers is different from that of our country, but it is equally beautiful.As a Chinese, in continuous see Tibet plateau and mountain ranges, deep does not see the bottom of the Brahmaputra grand canyon, and ran like an arrow on the plateau, argali, blanch clever unusually hot spring snake, is seven or eight kilometers above the jumping spider and yunnan shangrila the elephant in the forest, I can not help but sigh, in fact, I don’t know about China.Maybe, after watching this movie with you, your child will say to you, “Mom, let’s go to Tibet some time.”Yes, it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books.The world is so big, take your children to see!Sources:Bi li bi li, iQIYI 8, march of the penguins really reflect the penguins live film has been to sprout, the lovely image of penguins in the documentary, in order to reproduce, showed that humans could not imagine the strong, hundreds of kilometers of a long journey, along the way there are eyeing predators, bad weather, might not reach their destination,Some of the people I knew would die…All of this makes us human marvel, maybe our grandparents also experienced no car sitting mainly rely on walking years, our children’s generation can not imagine, can rely on car, plane immediately can go to the place, why have to walk this way to go so far!If they don’t watch the documentary, they may not understand how hard life can be, how hard it is, but how dignified.9. Blue Planet 2 Beauty!Over the course of four years, the production team conducted 125 expeditions and recorded more than 6,000 hours of underwater filming.Premiere of “blue planet” in 2001, after 16 years production team through the new technology breakthrough in the past, many will past the unknown regions, amazing and stunning move to present in front of the audience “blue planet 2” led us experience awesome amazing new place, see charismatic new species,Learn about unusual new behaviors.This is a classic documentary of great value to children.Better for preschoolers than Blue Planet 1.Sources:Tencent video 10, Africa, the depth of the African wilderness & original documentary, 9.7 the BBC large classic original documentary, aka the lens through the magic of the African continent, explore those who have never been found and recorded species and spectacular Africa miracle, countless shock lens lets a person feel this piece of land on all biological the powerful and magnificent,The amazing and wonderful life and nature deserve our awe.You will see the lonely resurrection of grass, dung beetles, silver ants racing against time, and even penguins in Africa.Of course, it can also make you think in shock, human and nature are natural selection, can survive should cherish their own life.Warm reminder: more suitable for older children to watch.For preschoolers, there are still over-stimulating shots that need to be fast-forwarded.For example: 13 minutes, cheetah biting deer, 18 minutes, lions fighting…The secret of Masterpieces The True story behind each classic This documentary introduces the famous works in different periods of art history as a whole. Except for the Renaissance period in the first season, three representative works from each period are selected for detailed introduction.Sunflowers, The Last Supper and David have all been revealed.The visual representation of many famous works, coupled with the meticulous and passionate storytelling, make this documentary so full and meaningful both inside and outside.Children’s curiosity will also be continuously awakened as the film progresses.The visual representation of many famous works, coupled with the meticulous and passionate storytelling, make this documentary so full and meaningful both inside and outside.Children’s curiosity will also be continuously awakened as the film progresses.Big Cats is the work of 91-year-old Documentary grandfather David Attenborough and his team.They spent more than two years filming in 14 different countries and ended up capturing 31 feline species.From Africa’s endless desert gregarious lion “the king of beasts”, to light the rusty spot of shuttle freely in Sri Lanka, dense forests, the cat from the Russian far east in the ice and snow in the face of the Siberian tiger, to the world’s largest wetland in the pantanal bullying inhabited the leopard, from conquered the roof of the world the Himalayas, snow leopard, the dormant at minus 63 degrees of Canadian lynx…The documentary traces all over mountains, rivers, lakes, plateaus and deserts in more than half of the world. In the changing scenes of southeast, northwest and the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the survival status and living environment of some big cats in the world are truly reproduced to the audience.Not only that, the main characters of the documentary are “cute” and “fierce”, there are large families living in groups, there are lonely fighters, there are curious and curious activists, and there are cautious and timid ones. The diverse and colorful recording subjects make the documentary more attractive and persuasive.9.6 The Ocean paradise of the South Pacific, with its endless blue color, is breathtaking in beauty and touching in fragility.On different islands, the team discovered a range of stunning natural sights in the South Pacific, including a rare undersea volcanic eruption, a magnificent gem coral reef, a tiger shark hunting albatross, and a land crab that can rip open coconuts…14, fruit after watching you will fall in love with eating fruit good-looking, delicious, fun documentary, fresh, qiyi, colorful fruit like kaleidoscope of deformation switch;The dynamic moments of exploding fruit splashed with juice;The beautiful process of the four seasons, presenting strange scenes that cannot be detected by the naked eye…”Natural to carve” “fruit biography”, give you a fruit taotie can not resist!The work will complete the breakthrough in the image style, and bring you into the unprecedented fresh, colorful, vibrant magical fruit world!After watching, do not like to eat fruit children will love to eat fruit ~ the third season can also watch oh!This film records the growth of four babies from four countries from birth to more than one year old when they learn to walk.The babies are Ponijao from Opwo, Namibia, Africa; Mari from Tokyo, Japan; Bayar from Bayan Chandman, Mongolia; and Hattie from San Francisco.The film adopts a purely observational recording method without subtitles or explanation. It depicts the relatively primitive and close to nature growing environment of Pang Ni Jiao and Beya in the Mongolian yurts, as well as the lifestyle of Mary and Heidi living in a developed country with a favorable living environment and abundant materials.But instead of making any value judgments about these different countries and living conditions, the film focuses entirely on the upbringing of the four babies.They are lovely in their own way, making it interesting to watch.16. Minuscule Animation stories depict real scenes in nature, with insects and animals being made in three dimensions that make them look realistic.The film uses documentary style to describe the details of the insects’ ecological environment and the funny stories derived from it.It’s an eye-opening look at the world of insects. It’s silly, humorous and philosophical, and will be a great read for kids and adults alike.You can watch the second season too!17, We Were Born in China The Story of the Growing up of China’s baby Animals co-produced in the United States, China and the United Kingdom, Disney produced, directed by Lu Chuan, Zhou Xun narrated in Chinese.The documentary photography is stirring, beautiful grand, watching, the admiration of the motherland magic earth will flow to the heart, so it is the best patriotic education film!The film is also very story-telling, following the growth story of several baby animals: cranes, leopards, baby monkeys, giant pandas, the story is very dramatic, the fate of the baby animals will let the audience have a strong sense of generation, Zhou Xun’s explanation is also quite cute, there are a lot of childish language.This is a thrilling journey of chipmunks and mice, an incredible miniature world.The BBC documentary’s storytelling is superb. It’s like a fairy tale. Chipmunks and mice are strong, cute and hot after an adventure like a Hollywood action movie.Douban scored 9.3.It’s very cinematic and full of drama.Although the opening may seem like a warm and magical fairy tale, this movie is actually more suitable for older children, and there are still plenty of scary plots for little ones.Sources: network, migratory bird bird’s baby will see the documentary “migratory birds” before and after a total of more than 600 people participate in the filming, lasted more than three years, at a cost of more than $4000, attractions spread around the world more than 50 countries and regions, with 17 of the world’s best pilots and two scientific expedition, documentary film was a blockbuster.It records the migration stories of birds of all shapes, flying over snow fields and mountains to realize their dreams with their wings.Video source: Tencent Video, iQiyi